Barrio Roots street art festival in LA

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This weekend Los Angeles is the fortunate location for Barrio Roots street art festival. Taking place in South East LA the festival will feature new murals by Cache, El Mac, Hex, Man One, Nuke, Sand One, Shente and Kofie along with a Chaz Bojorquez retrospective. If that wasn’t enough there will also be an exhibit of art from Transborder Graphic and music, lectures, workshops, and more.

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Outside Inside exhibit recap

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Last Saturday marked the opening night of the Outside Inside exhibit at the Tabla Rasa Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. It was my first time curating a show in this gallery and my concept was to showcase artists that work both in the streets and in the studio. I sought to also include a few artists that live and work in Brooklyn so as to give them an opportunity to exhibit close to him and continue to build a following and a collector base. The artists that are included in the exhibition are Aislap (Chile), Cekis (Chile/USA), Cern (USA), Jan Kalab (Czech Republic), Sofia Maldonado (Puerto Rico/USA), Queen Andrea (USA), Wane COD (USA), Ezo Wippler (USA), and myself. The exhibition runs until September 27th. Below are a few images from the opening and of some of the art.

Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48th street
Brooklyn, NY
for summer viewing hours call: 718.833.9100

Sofia Maldonado's work on the left and Ezo Wippler on the right.

Ezo Wippler's work on the left and Cekis on the right.

Jan Kalab's art work.

Viewing Sofia Maldonado's and Cern's art.

Aim SSB, Queen Andrea, and Lee Quiñones

Alan Ket, Queen Andrea, Sofia Maldonado, Audrey Anastasi, Cekis, and Cern.

Viewing Aislap's art.

Viewing Ket's art.

Tabla Rasa Gallery's room 2.

Tabla Rasa Gallery's room 1 with Cekis' art in the background.

Ezo, Love Warrior, 2013. 48 x 48 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

Aislap, Fercundacion, 2013. Watercolor on paper.

Queen Andrea, Confusion, 2012. 36 x 36 inches, Acrylic on canvas.

Ket, There are no accidents. 2013. 11 x 14 inches. Ink on newspaper.

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Atome art now available

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I am very happy to report that the style writer Atome is sharing his art with the world in a new way.
With a huge body of works created on the streets around the world that spans 2 decades of traveling, Atome has finally sat down to start his indoors development and construction phase.
These are the first set of hand drawn and framed artworks created by Atome for sale.

To start this journey off, these are set at $100 a piece.
for detailed images and availability please contact the artist direct.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

atome ‘
fluro boogie
series of 9

ink. highlighter. paint
250gsm non bleed

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Hamsa by Alice Mizrachi on 1xRun

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I am very pleased to see the print business booming with companies like 1xRun printing so many works from great artists and friends alike. They are helping to beautify homes everywhere and provide access to great art. So…

The latest print I can recommend is Hamsa by Alice Mizrachi
26 x 40 Inches 1-Color Screen Prints on Archival Fine Art Paper

I recommend it and to pay attention to the other releases that are coming up by Mear and Doze Green.


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Jan Kalab pop up art show this Thursday in NYC

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Alan Ket presents Art in Public, a new project by Jan Kaláb. The exhibition showcases the multi-disciplinary artist’s recent paintings created while residing as a visiting artist in New York City.

Jan Kaláb’s minimalist geometric paintings are bombastic, colorful, and energetic evoking the warmth, sounds, and excitement that have been his recent experience in New York. To see his paintings is to witness the depth of loneliness, color, transience, and power that exists in New York City at any given moment. Painting has been long at the core of the artist’s practice and here we see how he captures the city’s whimsy and life.

Challenged with presenting his work in the vast art landscape of New York City the artist choose to take his paintings outside, documenting their brief and temporary existence outside of his studio walls. The new paintings stand out as vibrant beacons among the huge skyscrapers and gray streets of the city. These art actions further pushed the artist’s engagement with the city as he enlisted strangers to assist in the photo documentation of his paintings.

Art in Public was chosen as an ironic statement since the artist comes from a graffiti background where years ago everybody painted outside in the streets and the gallery world didn’t exist for the artists while today graffiti artists and artists in general solely seem to care about the galleries and sales. As a reaction the artist choose to take his paintings outside again.

Jan Kaláb belongs to the oldest active generation of graffiti writers in the Czech Republic. Not only does he engage in classic graffiti, with a talent for dynamic, colorful and playful compositions with the nickname CAKES but he also creates many objects and sculptures of various formats in public spaces with the pseudonym POINT. He does not fear experimentation and thus successfully pushes the boundaries of the field. On canvas he has reduced his sweeping graffiti style to a concentrated minimalist geometry. This is signed by his civilian name KALAB.

In recent years Jan Kaláb has repeatedly garnered attention thanks to his astonishing works and public murals. He has exhibited internationally with solo shows in Buenos Aires, Bucharest, Prague, Sofia, and Opava in the Czech Republic.

Jan Kaláb, born 1978 and living in Prague, presents his first solo exhibition in New York City at 103 Allen Street on June 26th, 2014 at 6pm.

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New map drawings on

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Starting today I am the featured artist on the online gallery site with a republished interview and new drawings on London tube maps and Paris metro maps. The maps are only available thru the online gallery. For those that know of me you know that this is a rarity. There is also great art by Wane One, Dero, Cope2, Skuf and others available. Here’s a few images:

Ket One Paris metro map, 2014

Ket One Paris metro map, 2014

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Fuzz One needs help. Please support.

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Times are tough all over and although many say that we are seeing a recovery in the economy in the United States experts state otherwise. We are still in a recession. Unemployment is still at an all-time high and many people are chronically unemployed. There is a myth out there that I hear time and time again that the poor don’t want to work that they prefer public assistance but I don’t believe it at all. Case in point is my good friend FUZZ ONE.

FUZZ ONE has been a working guy ever since I met him over 20 years ago. In the past few years he has had a tough time keeping a job in the small town he is living in. Needless to say the opportunities there are not abundant. Recently he landed a decent job but became ill and lost it for being out sick too many days. That led to falling behind on rent payments, etc and now to a judgement against him in court. He has less than a week to come up with the $3000 that the judge and landlord have deemed acceptable for him to keep his home.

Fuzz would rather work than ask for help but he’s had no such luck finding work. He will gladly send you art in exchange for your financial support. Please click on the link below if you can help.

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Missing person: NYC Lase

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Erick Paul Perez who many of us know as NYC Lase or Lase TATS cru has been missing since April 16th. His family, pastor, and housemates have not seen him since that day. A missing persons report has been filed. Anyone with information please reach: 917-703-0346. Erick is a great guy with a tremendous spirit and a truly gifted creative artist. Please help.

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Atle Østrem comes to the US

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Atle Østrem is an artist from Norway that has been at the intersection of graffiti, street art, and fine art for many years. Well known in Norway this is his first solo exhibition state side and in the grand old state of New Jersey. Check out the show and the somber, cartoon musings of Atle next month.

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OG Slick print release and MTN limited can

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Special announcement and not to be missed! Truly a rare and special release.

Sriracha inspired spray cans

Slick only made 12 custom MTN Hardcore cans and 50 hand embellished prints. Each print was hand scrawled, mashed, embossed then signed and numbered by Slick. No two prints are exactly alike. The prints are a 4 color uv hit, black, green, red and white, hand silk screened by the craftsmen at Black Sunshine.

The cans, print and gas mask are currently on display
at “LA Heat” at the Chinese American Museum
of Los Angeles thru July 12, 2014.

Order yours at

Some items may not be available to ship till after exhibit.

Here are the links:


#1 Can:

#2-12 Cans:

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Black Book Masters online show

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Myself and a few friends recently contributed a few drawings to the new online show of black book drawings at
There are some great new and old works from legendary writers like Dondi, Crash, Noc167, Futura, A-One, Zephyr, Part One, Skeme, Ghost, and others. Check it out before the show sells out.

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Klass RTW art

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My good friend and OG Klass’ graffiti was born of East Harlem “the Gates of the Ghetto” as the main partner of Shaker 179 RTW TFA TDS.
Together, they bombed streets, highways and subways throughout the city starting in the early 80’s before retiring briefly in 1988. 1990 was a comeback year for him and a new generation of TDS artists who were painting large scale illegal walls mostly in Harlem. A neighborhood so rich in graffiti history. He has painted with the best of the best of NYC writers like Dr. Revolt, Zephyr, Quik, Shaker, Part 1, A-One, Toxic, Ezo, Smith, Tracy 168 to name a few. He was partly responsible for a historic comeback of “Zephyr” in the early 90’s when they painted many walls, highways, and freight trains pretty hard with Lady Pink and Smith, Omni 156, etc… Klass was also a friend of the late great Rammelizee since the early 80’s and holds down 2 letters in the alphabet of the iconoclastic master… P1 and F1…

His newest exhibition is live on the online gallery Dirty Pilot:

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