Entes, Pesimo, and Conrad in Peru

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Here is a new video highlighting a recent exhibition by the artists Entes, Pesimo, and Conrad in Peru.

Entes, Pesimo y Conrad from mira_a_mire on Vimeo.

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A thousand times no - Graffiti as a revolutionary tool

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There is ongoing unrest in Egypt as we all know. This video discusses how graffiti was used as a form of protest. Powerful!

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Tag Collection at Cornell University Library

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Recently, Cornell University’s library launched the first exhibition of the Cornell Hip Hop Collection. I was invited to contribute some notable tags/signatures from my ever growing tag collection. They are now on display at Cornell along with lots of interesting items from their collection. The mission of the Cornell Hip Hop Collection (CHHC) is to collect and make accessible the historical documents of Hip Hop culture, and to ensure their preservation for current and future generations. Since arriving at Cornell in 2007, the CHHC has grown to include more than 50,000 items. “Now Scream!” is its first comprehensive exhibition. On view are rare and classic vinyl records, photographs, event flyers, live performance and interview recordings, artwork, ephemera, and more, along with many unique Hip Hop artifacts on loan from artists, supporters, and friends.

Exhibition on view:

April 4, 2013 – February 4, 2014
Hirshland Exhibition Gallery, Carl A. Kroch Library
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Cornell University Library


Some images of the tags on display which includes: Case2, StayHigh 149, Lee, Futura, T-Kid 170, Bio, Veefer, MICO, Coco144, Quik, Part One, Strider, Jon One, BT, Skeme, Doze, SaneSmith, Cope2, Ezo, Noxer, and many others.

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Traveling in Lima

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Lima, Peru is a bombed desert city filled with more noise pollution than any human should ever have to bear and it never rains! That last fact along with the tremendous amount of cars and the rock/dirt mountains that surround the city make for a dirty city. Dirty and polluted. Nevertheless, its an interesting place filled with great writers and some cool people. Sure, crime is high but beer is cheap. Getting around is fairly easy and if you can avoid getting robbed you can have a great time.

I ventured about a bit in between painting huge walls and was able to capture a little bit of the writing activity and the flavor of the city. Here’s a brief look.

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New Pure print available

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My good friend Pure TFP has released a new print. They are signed and numbered, hand pulled screens.
To order go to:

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Latido Americano event in Lima, Peru

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Last week I had the honor and privilege of attending the Latido Americano graffiti/mural jam in Lima, Peru. The event was organized by two of Lima’s most respected writers, Entes and Pesimo, and celebrates its second year this year. Apart from being hosts, organizers, and muralists as well the duo brought together great talent from across Latin America with a few guests from other continents as well. The line up included Guache (Colombia), Super (Peru/Germany), Hes (Chile), Fisek (Chile), Charqui Punk (Chile), Tiws (Denmark), Soten (Denmark), Benas (Mexico), Toxicomano (Mexico), Saner (Mexico), Sego (Mexico), Bien (Mexico), Inti (Chile), Saile, Jeanvi, Pau, Steep (Ecuador), Cuore (Argentina), Fog, Jade (Peru), Meki (Peru), Yuin (Australia), Oz Montania (Paraguay), Phetus (USA) and many other writers from Peru.

The events walls were in the Centro Lima section of the city which is known for its high crime rate, loud cars, and of course government buildings and museums. Phetus and I found ourselves painting our first wall on a very hot block known for document forgers and other hustles. We ended up becoming friends with the local thugs and for three days we painted with the locals watching while cracking jokes and offering us plenty of booze and other stuff. We painted the same block as Hes and Fisek, two style writers from Chile who really painted some detailed burners.

The event was a non-stop paint a thon for us all and many of us didn’t get a chance to meet each other until a week into the event because we were spread out around the city and on a hectic pace to finish. Since Phetus and I painted quickly and with less detail than most we squeezed in a few spots and some night action as well.

I spent time photographing as much of the event and the city as I could. Here is the first installment of photos from my trip to Lima.

Thanks again to Entes, Pesimo, and the whole production team in Lima.

Ket and Phetus

Phetus, detail

Fisek, detail



Charqui Punk

didn’t catch the name of this artist.

Oz Montania from Paraguay

Inti from Chile

Soten, Fisek and Tiws

Guache in front of a section of his mural

Sego from Mexico

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SABE: Still around..

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Received news from my Danish and Finnish friends about Sabe’s first solo show. The information and a preview is below. Its not to be missed if you are in Helsinki and no matter where you are the pieces are fantastic and a good addition to any collection or home. Check it:

Europe’s most legendary graffiti artist is arriving to Finland! It’s not enough for SABE to paint on a sunny Sunday, he paints like armageddon is coming, while the sun rises. His passion towards painting almost reaches the brink of insanity, this drives him still after a active 27 year career to the Copenhagen train yards. The result of this is, he has become one of Europe’s most followed and respected graffiti writers.

MAKE YOUR MARK Garage / Gallery have the honor of being the first gallery to display a SABE solo exhibition. He last visited Finland with his good friend Ghost and noticed how passionate the Finns were towards the graffiti culture, because of that, he also wanted to have an exhibition at our gallery. Mixed media has been used in the displayed artwork. (spraypaint, airbrush, markers…etc)

Sabe: Still around.. Vernissage: Friday, 8.2.2013 from 18 to 21 o´clock
Garage / Gallery
Kaasutehtaankatu 1, rakennus 6.
00540 Helsinki

Additional details:
Umut Kiukas
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
+358 45 20 41779”

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Rotting in Sludge video

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Last summer Bruz, Sin, Skinz, Noc167, and I got together to paint a rooftop. After some negotiation I was able to convince everyone to make a statement. Here’s what we did.

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Pure TFP drawings and site

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Aindriais Dolan aka PURE TFP aka Andy is a well known New York City style master with over 30 years of experience bending letters and producing beautiful graffiti. I first came across his work while in high school and riding trains and they were in the form of his PU throw ups. They were big, solid, juicy and proper. Later I saw Ven rocking a Pure painted jacket to school and was very impressed by the letter style and color technique. It was a great jacket. Soon after at Henry’s I saw images of his handball courts in the Bronx and Ven showed me his early trains on the 1s when he painted with FBA. The man had a great style.

Fast forward many years later and we are good friends and crew mates. His styles range from simple to complex mechanical swirl and his color usage and decorative techniques are the most impressive. The man can rock bubbles like no one else. He truly is a Bronx stylist of the highest degree and every time he paints he comes correct.

Most recently he has taken to painting on canvas and creating abstract ink drawings. I truly enjoy seeing them and was moved to purchase a painting. Since they are so new and such a rare treat to see I am sharing some here. For those of you who would be interested in buying/commissioning one you can contact Pure directly through his website. I always say why have a poster print on your wall when you can have some great original art?


Pure as NOB, Bronx, NY 2011

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New Niro Print from Scamgallery.com

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Niro from Stockholm has released a new print on http://www.scamgallery.com Its a.n edition of 50, all signed and numbered. It makes a nice addition to any existing collector of prints and letter styles. For those that don’t know Niro is a very respected and well known writer from Sweden who has been putting in work for over a dozen years. He is a member of the WUFC and SDK crews and has don tons of work on transit over the years. In other words in Sweden he is the man.

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Gift ideas from real graffiti writers

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So its almost X-mas and most people have done their gift shopping but I’d like to bring some art items to your attention in the event that you would like to treat yourself to art by writers that are respected and have put in major work over the years. I feel that its important that they are recognized and get our support when we can. So here are some picks that won’t last long and would be great for any fan or collector or anyone else for that matter.

1. LEE prints - at only $300 each a real steal.
Finally, a print from the living legend himself.

2. Ghost print or original art - released by Wearerelated in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A rare piece and one that won’t last long.

3. EZO rug by UR Place
A limited edition of only 20 rugs that are great and say F.U. in an artistic way.

4. An original Fuzz One drawing or canvas
A New York original and a true train master, Fuzz, has a site where he sells art direct. You can’t go wrong with his low prices for art from this king.

Happy Holidays!

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Miami Art Re-cap or how I missed the art fairs

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Every year for the past 10 years or so the Art Basel fair comes to Miami bringing with it some of the biggest players in the art business together for sales, parties, and a great time. Over the years it has become Miami’s biggest money reaping tourist attraction with numerous other art fairs joining in to showcase their galleries at the same time (Pulse, Fountain, Scope, and Nada to name a few).

At the time real estate tycoon Tony Goldman know for revitalizing Soho in New York and Miami Beach began to transform the Wynwood neighborhood using graffiti and art as a way to revitalize a neighborhood most known for its poverty and warehouses. Tony used art to promote the community and make the neighborhood seem appealing to investors, etc. In 2009 he opened the Wynwood Walls which he described as a graffiti park and restaurant. Many important writers such as Retna, How and Nosm, Futura, and Os Gemeos have paintings there.

During the same time a graffiti and mural gathering began called Primary Flight and hundreds of writers showed up to paint the walls in the Wynwood district of Miami. They with the help of local politicians, art collectors, and others convinced the community and the local government to allow the buildings in the community that were abandoned or neglected to be allowed to be taken over by artists. And so it started and the word soon spread around the world.

This leads me to my own trip and time in Miami this December.

I went down to Miami as part of a new collective of artists formed this year in New York called the Free Agents Collective to mount an exhibition and showcase new art by the collective as well as paint (of course). In years past I had headed down but only painted outdoors so here was a chance to be part of something organized that would be sponsored and legit. So we headed down to Miami to showcase at the Miami Light Project’s The Light Box thanks to some financial support from folks like All the right, Hi Arts, MLP, Ur Place and others. The collective which consists of Carlos Mare, Alice Mizrachi, Phetus, Klass, Ezo, Queen Andrea, and myself packed up and left.

My time in Miami was spent working on the exhibition and the mural at MLP. Outside of that I ventured around to document some of the great pieces and murals that were being created on the streets and was able to catch up with great painters like SP One, Ewok One, Dero, Wane, Risk, Cope2, Entes from Peru, Mear, Jick, Estria, Prime, Kenor, Pez, KR, Daks, Amos, Erni, Pose, Puppet, Rime, Ces, and many others. I was even able to drop a quick piece. No beach but at least a piece.

Oh yeah, and I got to hear Bobbito spin some great old school Salsa at a Fania party and see Rakim rock it live at The Stage thanks to my friend Angie and the folks at Heineken. And saw a great show called Luxotica by Ivory, Ces, and Tich. I can’t forget Miguel Paredes and Ronnie Cutrone’s show - top notch. There were others but too many to recall.

Overall a great trip that was too short and too fast but hey, there is always next year. Maybe I’ll even catch one of the fairs. I hear Pulse was good.

Here are some flicks.

Carlos Mare at work on the Free Agents Collective mural.

writer in training…

Phetus putting in work.

Detail of Ezo’s work on the Free Agents Collective mural.

Inside our exhibition at The Light Box.

The limited edition rugs created by Urplace.com for us. Buy them online!

KET throw ups inside.

Mare’s sculpture work.

Ezo’s Barbie Frankenstein.

Queen Andrea and her recent paintings.

Phetus’ NWA portraits.

Alice Mirachi and her installation.

Klass’ subway maps were also displayed.

Mare striking a pose.

cool cars

Miami cops

Bike tours in front of our pieces.

Ces needs medicine.

Daze is always rocking.

Wane COD went big.

Mear and Risk collaboration.

Puppet from Sweden.

Kenor and Pez from Spain.

Rime writes graffiti.

Herakut with an amazingly massive wall.

Dutch from the Wynwood Walls was rocking to his own beat.

Amos from Miami.

An SP One silver.

Craig Costello aka KRink

Phetus took over a pre-school and did it for the kids.

tagging was in effect.



Al from Overtown passing by.

Ridle from Cleveland.

How, Nosm, and Vhils killed it with this mural.

Craola, Dabs, and Myla go cartooning.

until next year.

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