Egs at Unruly in Amsterdam tomorrow

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Egs been busy with work and getting his show ready at Shoe´s Unruly Gallery in Amsterdam. It should be killer. If you are out there check it. Here’s a sneak preview below. And if you don’t know his work do a quick online search. He’s been doing burners for years.

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Jon One - A Beautiful Madness

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Jon One’s first solo show in the US will be this week in Los Angeles. Come out, celebrate, and buy 2 paintings.

Opening Reception will be Saturday, November 3rd, 7-10pm.
A Special Preview will take place on November 1st, 7-9pm.
Both are open to the public.

An online catalog will be available November 1st.
Please email for more information: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

JonOne will be in Los Angeles prior to the Opening Reception. To schedule an interview or for other press inquiries please contact the gallery.

Fabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present A Beautiful Madness, the first solo exhibition in the USA by JonOne. Though raised in New York, JonOne has lived in Paris since the mid 1980’s where he has established himself as an artist, building a career that has spanned over 20 years.

From his early days as a youth, tagging the streets of Harlem, JonOne has always emphasized a painterly approach, bringing brushes instead of spray cans to tag subway trains. Drawing from the energy and freedom of painting in an urban landscape, he translates his roots as a graffiti artist into paintings that are a completely unique form of abstract expressionism. Akin to Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, JonOne’s pieces exhibit an enormous sense of movement and color. His compositions combine freestyle, precise strokes, repetition and texture for a uniquely balanced yet dynamic visual experience.

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A view from the Highline in New York

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The transformation of 14th street and the Chelsea neighborhood as a result of the creation of the Highline park is truly amazing. The dead train tracks turned park has brought with it hotels, condos, fancy shops, tourists, and even some new art. The design of the park itself is quite beautiful and a small oasis amongst this large city but on a recent trip I took in more than just the park but also the surrounding graffiti some which has survived many years and the new clean up of the area. Here are a few images from my walk.


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Rotting in Sludge rooftop in Queens

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Yesterday Bruz, Sin, Skinz, Noc167, and I completed a rooftop on the 7 line in Queens that is inspired by the oil spills that big oil companies have been responsible for. We decided to address this issue on this wall since it it so visible and we hope that people get the message. The continued pollution of our oceans and our lands at the hands of these corporations that reap billions in profits annually is reprehensible and criminal.

This month there was an oil spill in Nigeria thanks to Exxon Mobil (again).

It’s been 2 years since the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the devastation is still evident in the death of sea life.

Today, our government is pushing for Arctic drilling which could have a devastating effect to that regions wildlife and people. To date, the technology does not exist to clean up a potential oil spill and the cleanup itself is damaging to the planet.

To read more on oil spills:

To get involved in the fight to protect our planet check out these organizations:


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Ripo Exhibition in San Francisco

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Ripo has been traveling around the world creating amazing works in the public for some years now (check Terror’s post). His murals are amazing and his gallery work is on another level as well. He is a sophisticated letter man. He recently opened his latest solo show:

“Signs, Fines, & Cheap Wines”
The installation includes 15 new works on paper and 10 new assemblage paintings as well as
over 130 plaster tiles based on the street tiles found throughout Barcelona.
The show will be on view through Sept. 1st, 2012 at

White Walls Gallery

835 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

Below are a few of the works from the show. You can see more at:

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More old Brooklyn images

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Here are a few more images from the 1980s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Mick La Rock

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Mick La Rock aka Mickey TFP from Holland has been putting in work for over 25 years and is ever flipping her styles. Most recently she has started working in the studio and turning out some futuristic minimalistic 3-D funk. Check out her new exhibit this month at:
Smedestraat 9
2011 RE Haarlem
The Netherlands.

For more photos please visit

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Remembering Brooklyn in the 80s and 90s

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn today is fully gentrified and totally changed from the neighborhood that I once called home. Growing up as a kid in Williamsburg and Bushwick (two neighborhoods in Brooklyn) was colorful for many reasons - the people, the sounds, and of course the walls. There was lots of crime and lots of tags and other art on the walls everywhere, it made quite an impression on me so much that I ended up wanting to do the same. In the 1980s ATOM aka ATOMIC LOC was the undisputed king of the walls with pieces while OE3 had the gates and everything else saturated with his tags and throw ups. Bushwick was different and was where you saw writers from the WR and BSK crews up. Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of those days - the 80s and early 90s.

Atom 1984

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Entes and Pesimo

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Entes and Pesimo are two writers from Lima, Peru whose work I particularly enjoy seeing. They have been traveling a bit lately and getting more recognition for their style and work ethic. About a year or so ago I painted with Pesimo in my hood on the wall that is now causing such uproar. It was a much tamer theme but fierce nonetheless. Below is a recent video of some art they created in Argentina.

Entes y Pésimo / Street Art - Subtitled from Pura Vida TV on Vimeo.

Jade, Ket, and Pesimo, Inwood, NYC, 2010.

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Murderers mural

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Last week I got together with Noxer and Tres to paint a wall uptown in Inwood that I paint occasionally with friends. Every year or so however I decided to turn it into more of a protest wall and collaborate with friends to share a message that I feel is pertinent and that the community should think about. In the past they have mostly been focused on the wars that the US has been involved in but this time I wanted to point out that the war isn’t always abroad but its also actually here.

Today I received a call from the business where this is painted telling me that the police showed up and asked them to please have the painting removed. Go figure. Let’s see what happens tomorrow when I approach the local precinct for an explanation and a reversal of opinion.

And here I am thinking I would add some more names to the top (FBI, CIA, etc.)

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Apex Black Light experiments

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Just received this link from Apex. It’s always nice to see experiments going on especially when they are shared in video with spray paint, black light, and a good track.

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Stayhigh149 funeral fundraising

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As you all now know our friend and legendary writer Stayhigh 149 passed away a few days ago. His family is asking for his friends to help them with the funeral costs. The total costs are $10,000 and they have $6,000. I just spoke to the funeral home, Unity Chapel in Harlem, where SH149/Wayne Roberts will be viewed on Monday and they can take credit card payments tomorrow as of 9am. All money should go directly to them in order to make up the remaining funds that his sister Pauline needs to pay for the funeral. It’s easier for the family to do it in this manner.

Please speak to Ms. Jackson at the funeral home tomorrow if you are able to make a payment with credit card to help out.
The info again is:
Unity Chapel

The viewing is on Monday from 3-8pm.
Address is:
Unity Chapel
2352 8th avenue bet 126/127
Harlem, NY

thanks again

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