Gift ideas from real graffiti writers

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So its almost X-mas and most people have done their gift shopping but I’d like to bring some art items to your attention in the event that you would like to treat yourself to art by writers that are respected and have put in major work over the years. I feel that its important that they are recognized and get our support when we can. So here are some picks that won’t last long and would be great for any fan or collector or anyone else for that matter.

1. LEE prints - at only $300 each a real steal.
Finally, a print from the living legend himself.

2. Ghost print or original art - released by Wearerelated in Copenhagen, Denmark.
A rare piece and one that won’t last long.

3. EZO rug by UR Place
A limited edition of only 20 rugs that are great and say F.U. in an artistic way.

4. An original Fuzz One drawing or canvas
A New York original and a true train master, Fuzz, has a site where he sells art direct. You can’t go wrong with his low prices for art from this king.

Happy Holidays!

© Alan Ket & 12ozProphet - Friday December 21, 2012

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Nic Thamaire - Saturday December 22, 2012 at 06:43 AM...

Nic Thamaire on 12ozProphet

Some more original arts by CAP and MQ at !

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