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Miami Art Re-cap or how I missed the art fairs

By - Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Every year for the past 10 years or so the Art Basel fair comes to Miami bringing with it some of the biggest players in the art business together for sales, parties, and a great time. Over the years it has become Miami’s biggest money reaping tourist attraction with numerous other art fairs joining in to showcase their galleries at the same time (Pulse, Fountain, Scope, and Nada to name a few). At the time real estate tycoon Tony Goldman know for revitalizing Soho in New York and Miami Beach began to transform the Wynwood neighborhood using graffiti and art as a way to revitalize a neighborhood most known for its poverty and warehouses. Tony used art to promote the community and make the neighborhood seem appealing to investors, etc. In 2009 he opened the Wynwood Walls which he described as a graffiti park and restaurant. Many important writers such as Retna, How and Nosm, Futura, and Os Gemeos have paintings there. During the same time a graffiti and mural gathering began called Primary Flight and hundreds of writers showed up to paint the walls in the Wynwood district of Miami. They with the help of local politicians, art collectors, and others convinced the community and the local government to allow the buildings in the community that were abandoned or neglected to be allowed to be taken over by artists. And so it started and the word soon spread around the world. This leads me to my own trip and time in Miami this December. I went down to Miami as part of a new collective of artists formed this year in New York called the Free Agents Collective to mount an exhibition and showcase new art by the collective as well as paint (of course). In years past I had headed down but only painted outdoors so here was a chance to be part of something organized that would be sponsored and legit. So we headed down to Miami to showcase at the Miami Light Project’s The Light Box thanks to some financial support from folks like All the right, Hi Arts, MLP, Ur Place and others. The collective which consists of Carlos Mare, Alice Mizrachi, Phetus, Klass, Ezo, Queen Andrea, and myself packed up and left. My time in Miami was spent working on the exhibition and the mural at MLP. Outside of that I ventured around to document some of the great pieces and murals that were being created on the streets and was able to catch up with great painters like SP One, Ewok One, Dero, Wane, Risk, Cope2, Entes from Peru, Mear, Jick, Estria, Prime, Kenor, Pez, KR, Daks, Amos, Erni, Pose, Puppet, Rime, Ces, and many others. I was even able to drop a quick piece. No beach but at least a piece. Oh yeah, and I got to hear Bobbito spin some great old school Salsa at a Fania party and see Rakim rock it live at The Stage thanks to my friend Angie and the folks at Heineken. And saw a great show called Luxotica by Ivory, Ces, and Tich. I can’t forget Miguel Paredes and Ronnie Cutrone’s show – top notch. There were others but too many to recall. Overall a great trip that was too short and too fast but hey, there is always next year. Maybe I’ll even catch one of the fairs. I hear Pulse was good. Here are some flicks. {image-8} {image-26} Carlos Mare at work on the Free Agents Collective mural. {image-27} writer in training… {image-29} Phetus putting in work. {image-40} Detail of Ezo’s work on the Free Agents Collective mural. {image-33} Inside our exhibition at The Light Box. {image-34} The limited edition rugs created by Urplace.com for us. Buy them online! {image-31} KET throw ups inside. {image-32} Mare’s sculpture work. {image-35} Ezo’s Barbie Frankenstein. {image-36} Queen Andrea and her recent paintings. {image-39} Phetus’ NWA portraits. {image-38} Alice Mirachi and her installation. {image-37} Klass’ subway maps were also displayed. {image-30} Mare striking a pose. {image-16} cool cars {image-15} Miami cops {image-14} Bike tours in front of our pieces. {image-7} Ces needs medicine. {image-9} Daze is always rocking. {image-3} Wane COD went big. {image-6} Mear and Risk collaboration. {image-1} Puppet from Sweden. {image-2} Kenor and Pez from Spain. {image-13} Rime writes graffiti. {image-24} Herakut with an amazingly massive wall. {image-21} Dutch from the Wynwood Walls was rocking to his own beat. {image-18} Amos from Miami. {image-17} An SP One silver. {image-4} Craig Costello aka KRink {image-12} Phetus took over a pre-school and did it for the kids. {image-11} tagging was in effect. {image-22} Dero {image-23} Momo {image-28} Al from Overtown passing by. {image-20} Ridle from Cleveland. {image-25} How, Nosm, and Vhils killed it with this mural. {image-41} Craola, Dabs, and Myla go cartooning. {image-10} until next year.

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