Murderers mural

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Last week I got together with Noxer and Tres to paint a wall uptown in Inwood that I paint occasionally with friends. Every year or so however I decided to turn it into more of a protest wall and collaborate with friends to share a message that I feel is pertinent and that the community should think about. In the past they have mostly been focused on the wars that the US has been involved in but this time I wanted to point out that the war isn’t always abroad but its also actually here.

Today I received a call from the business where this is painted telling me that the police showed up and asked them to please have the painting removed. Go figure. Let’s see what happens tomorrow when I approach the local precinct for an explanation and a reversal of opinion.

And here I am thinking I would add some more names to the top (FBI, CIA, etc.)

© Alan Ket & 12ozProphet - Monday July 23, 2012

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cardinals862 - Wednesday July 25, 2012 at 10:27 AM...

cardinals862 on 12ozProphet

This is a real awesome mural, it’s too bad it was taken down. Even to provoke people to think for themselves is becoming controversial these days. After thinking about this, in relation to apathy, I would have put SENSELESS gun violence because that is the direct result of apathy within the family unit and community. No other force can create or fix it.

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