The Origins of BunnyKitty: An Interview With PERSUE About His New Project

Two weeks ago 12ozProphet family David 'PERSUE' Ross announced a unique new project that has caught some peoples attention. As many of you know, PERSUE is recognized for both his talents in graffiti and his accomplishments as a graphic designer in working for some of the most influential skate brands around. He's also recognized for his signature character BunnyKitty, which he has painted all over the world, and just recently, channeled into a new book.

12ozProphet Presents Hot Tea's "Asylum"

Back in the blazing heat of August in New York City, the 12oz crew made a trip to Roosevelt Island to Manhattan Park where street artist Hot Tea created a large-scale, inverted version of his signature technicolor yarn installations. We hit the pool and flew a drone over the river to capture the essence of "Asylum." Check the video to see more of Hot Tea and his technicolor pool.

12oz Exclusive: DOES Solo Show "Transition" Opens at Maxwell Colette Gallery

While preparing for the opening reception for his current, solo show, "Transition" at Maxwell Colette Gallery, internationally celebrated, Dutch graffiti artist DOES took some time to chat with 12ozProphet about his experiences as a graffiti artist, the many disciplines in which he works, and the concepts driving his current solo show and debut exhibition in Chicago at Maxwell Colette Gallery. "Transition" is as much about the art of DOES as it is about the evolutions and cultivation of his differing artistic styles.

Prison Murals in Paris and Marseille by David Mesguich (User 79)

David Mesguich, also known as User 79, has completed the second in his series of prison mural paintings in France. Working with prisoners to complete the Baumettes prison mural in Marseille, Mesguich has managed to design, undertake and complete two beautiful paintings, juxtaposing the tough grey exterior of the prisons with vibrantly colored designs, spanning massive, barbed wire covered prison walls.

Finok Art Opening - Lisbon, Portugal - O Enterro do Galo (The Burial of the Rooster)

Imagine for a second what it would be like to stand in this room. The dim gallery lighting, the vaulted ceilings, and the distant walls and stretched space echoing your every move. Join 12ozProphet as we take a virtual walk through, spotlighting the latest effort from Finok and showing you this exclusive and intimate view of his latest art opening: O Enterro do Galo (The Burial of the Rooster).