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By - Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

TSL_OPENING_27-664x497 TSL_OPENING_26-664x430 TSL_OPENING_25-664x499 TSL_OPENING_24-664x442 TSL_OPENING_23-664x499 TSL_OPENING_22-664x494 TSL_OPENING_21-664x407 TSL_OPENING_20-664x485 TSL_OPENING_19-664x526 TSL_OPENING_18-664x499 TSL_OPENING_17-664x442 TSL_OPENING_16-664x499 TSL_OPENING_15-664x897 TSL_OPENING_14-664x402 TSL_OPENING_13-664x424 TSL_OPENING_12-664x499 TSL_OPENING_11-664x499 TSL_OPENING_10-664x499 TSL_OPENING_9-664x493 TSL_OPENING_8-664x499 TSL_OPENING_7-664x442 TSL_OPENING_6-664x425 TSL_OPENING_5-664x489 TSL_OPENING_4-664x499 TSL_OPENING_3-664x456 TSL_OPENING_1-664x499 7thletterbates-664x498 TSL_OPENING_35-664x442 TSL_OPENING_34-664x499 TSL_OPENING_33-664x499 TSL_OPENING_32-664x477 TSL_OPENING_31-664x488 TSL_OPENING_30-664x906 TSL_OPENING_29-664x499 TSL_OPENING_28-664x499 The Seventh Letter opening at Fairfax in Los Angeles December 2013. Proud of taking part of this amazing exhibition, best line-up all year, had my Bates wood panel alongside these great artists… Link: http://theseventhletter.com

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