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By - Sunday, October 24th, 2010

By: Jorge “FABEL” Pabon “Apache Line: From Gangs to Hip Hop” This documentary is a work in progress by Jorge “Fabel” Pabon. It takes us on a journey through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of NYC street gangs/families that celebrated urban culture, through artistic expression, prior to the advent of what we know as “Hip Hop culture”. This documentary is a testament to the power of transforming negative energy to positive. “APACHE LINE: FROM GANGS TO HIP HOP” captures testimony from some of these folk heroes who reveal untold chapters of New York City’s urban history. Urban folk heroes, legendary street families and Hip Hop icons such as: Afrika Bambaataa, Yellow Benjy from the Ghetto Brothers, the Black Spades, Savage Skulls, Ching A Ling Nomads MC, Savage Samurais, Renigades of Harlem, T.KID 170, INK 76 and many others share their trials and tribulations experienced during the transition from gang to Hip Hop culture. Former gang members describe how they fought for survival and a sense of identity. “APACHE LINE” gives us an insider’s view of a place that time forgot. This documentary also focuses on accountability and encourages our youth to think critically about decisions they make. It represents the experiences of generations of Americans and many who continue to search for acceptance, love and a family. More info here: http://www.myspace.com/popmasterfabel

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