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Pyramid of the Moon in the far background

Throw-up in the evening, some older lady screamed at me
and the cops where parked not far away….

Halloween decoration

Bates with mixed color outlines

Remio do what he does best!

Bates throw up with a sombrero

Doing some artwork for the Graffloween canvas party

Drive-by daytime bombing

Remio Vts rockin’

Bates soft round-edges

Bates “looking” throw up

The day before a kid came up and wanted a marker tag
on his leg, next day he got it tattooed!!!!WTF?

Canvas party in full gear, hanged with duct tape!
Incl. a Speedy Gonzales character.

Live-Painting outside Mr. Fame shop

Remio next too…

Mexican present!

Backside of the skull

My adventure tour and Impression of Mexico City 2012
(My camera battery died)

© Bates & 12ozProphet - Thursday November 08, 2012

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