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Blade and Maze get together to paint a wall in Orchard Beach, the Bronx. The original design is by Blade. Dolores is there to recount her adventures going into the layups while Blade painted. Blades 1972 Thunderbird is featured. The mural is a theme inspired by outer space. One of the park workers who passes by to admire the wall likens it to The Chariots of the Gods, by Erich Von Daniken.

Co-Produced by Henry Chalfant, Sam Henriques and Jim Prigoff
Directed by Henry Chalfant, Cinematography by Sam Henriques
Edited by John Calatayud, Sound by Toru Nagamachi and Tom Bliss.
On line editor, chris Martinez. Thanks to Electric Film, Inc, Valkhn Films,
Film Video Arts, for Post Production services. 1987
Featuring BLADE, MAZE AND DOLORES. Thanks to the New York City Parks Department.

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