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By - Friday, November 9th, 2007

image image Compiled by KET, a New York-based graffiti artist, Graffiti Planet is a collection of over 100 (exclusive)pieces of inspirational street art from around the world Graffiti or ‘street art’ has become a significant art form in the last twenty years and, ever controversial, has transformed urban landscapes all over the world. Graffiti Planet is a collection of work from various artists that celebrates the endless creativity of the medium, and of the artists themselves. Featuring 100 glossy photos of groundbreaking graffiti and including an introduction from KET, a legend on the graffiti scene, Graffiti Planet is a great introduction and the perfect companion for anyone excited by this most vibrant and democratic of art forms. Alan Ket is world-renowned graffiti artist based in New York and the founder and publisher of urban lifestyles magazine, Stress. He also launched the world’s first hip-hop journal, Elementary. Click here to visit KET’s website: http://supportket.org/site/ Graffiti Planet showcases work by the following artists among others: • Can2 – Munich • Bates – Copenhagen • Banksy – London • Loomit – Germany • CES – The Bronx, New York • Os Gemeos – Sao Paolo • Sento – Hawaii • T-Kid – The Bronx, New York and many more… perfect as a xmas present! -go get it! http://www.mombooks.com/

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