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Bates (All In One, COD, TNB, 156, WCA, PCP, WR2, FTP) is an internationally renown writer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Bates has been active in the writing community since 1984 and has travelled extensively while creating artwork throughout the known world including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Africa, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland, England, Cyprus and Turkey. Bates has also had artwork and special features in several books including On the Run Vol. 2, Graffiti Art, Freight Train Graffiti and Burning New York. He’s also recieved sponsorship and support from top spraypaint companies including MTN Hard Core Montana Spain, Molotow Belton and German Montana (which also released Bates Power Pink!). Bates has designed for many top companies including Tribal Gear, Third Rail, Dickies, Redrum, Osiris, Alis, Aerosoul, New Era, Writers Bench, Backjumps and among others. He currently spends most days working in store and running projects such as Magic Moments. Bates’ primary focus is on good letter styles, handstyle tags and throwups. Welcome to my blog and enjoy the ride…

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By Bates - Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tracksides. Tunnels. Rooftops. Over the course of five days, JURNE caught up with Selina Miles to explore the neighbourhoods, train tracks and underground tunnels found in Oakland, California. ‘Science-ism’ also offers a glimpse into JURNE’s studio output, illustrating the connection between his work on the white walls of a gallery and the concrete walls of the city. A film by Selina Miles. JURNE: Email: Product Info: Ironlak Permanent Markers:…  » Read more about: JURNE – SCIENCEISM  »


By Bates - Monday, December 15, 2014

U2News – Mode 2 – U2 – Song For Someone by U2News U2’s album Songs of Innocence, the band is releasing Films of Innocence, one video for each song on the album. But today we’ve got an early preview of the video for “Song for Someone,” which shows the creation of a mural by the British painter Mode 2 in the town of Omagh in Northern Ireland. More info here:  » Read more about: MODE2 – SONG FOR SOMEONE U2 VIDEO  »


By Bates - Monday, November 17, 2014

  Street Art week in Enköping – Two of the world’s leading street artists including the pioneer in the Swedish street art and graffiti scene comes to Enköping . Bates- Inkie – Byhr opens their show on the 22nd of November at Enköpings Art Museum. This is a unique collaboration between urban artroom, the city of Enköping and Enköpings art museum. During the week there will be several activities like live painings, graffiti school for kids,  » Read more about: BATES INKIE BYHR EXHIBITION  »


By Bates - Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rubin415 Street Artist – The Creative Influence Ep. 14 from THE CREATIVE INFLUENCE on Vimeo. Rubin has put his trademark on concrete and brick all over the world, from Finland to Thailand, from Denmark to Miami Art Basel. His canvas/print works have been shown in Stockholm, Reykjavik, Montreal and at the Fountain Art Fair at the legendary Lexington Armory in New York and his work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Vice Magazine, Brooklyn Street Art,  » Read more about: RUBIN 415  »


By Bates - Monday, October 20, 2014

Style Wars on Blu-ray. Available November 4th, 2014. Featuring a brand new HD transfer from the original 16mm print. Over 70 minutes of never before seen extras including: -The Outtakes and The B-Boy Showcase, made from unreleased footage, remastered with the help of donations from Kickstarter, also in HD. -Style Wars: In The Cutting Room, a behind the scene look at the making of the film during the final stages of the editing process.  » Read more about: STYLE WARS BLU-RAY SPECIAL EDITION 2014  »


By Bates - Monday, October 13, 2014

Walter Josef Fischer—known here in Hamburg, Germany, as OZ—was a fucking legend, even if most people could never pick him out of a crowd. Aged and slow with a worn, creased face and a hunch, he walked unseen with me through Hamburg as he painted walls and swore at trains. And yet, with his spray can, he’d changed the face of this city. Up until his death last Thursday, the 64-year-old left his tag—a simple smiley face—hundreds of thousands times on local walls,  » Read more about: OZ REST IN PEACE  »