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SEB GOREY was born in 1976 in Paris, France. Today, he is based in New York City working as an artist and designer focusing on overcoming the decay of our civilization. His work portrays the ingeniosity and versatility of human made recycling, englobing the end of industrial production and the revenge of nature. The main aspect of his production is the idea of stacking and coliding disparate elements to form unity. The traditional stylistic, rather figurative, approach depicts a post apocalyptic environment influenced by street culture in which the humans have survived. In addition to his fine art production, Seb Gorey is the menswear fashion designer of the label Woolf Nyc and also works as an illustrator and graphic designer for the brand.

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By Gorey - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The big homie is killing it in this video for Major Lazer. Best steady hand, tons of amazing clean fonts, super creative layering… this is so good it made me like the song ! There’s not that many good music videos done with graffiti yet there is a huge potential behind filming the process and playing with it. Here’s is another example done for one of my ever favorite french musician: Dj Mehdi with the incredible Futura2000.  » Read more about: MIKE GIANT  »


By Gorey - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This is the first co-branding initiative that Woolf launches. Partnering with Pointer Brand meant a lot to me as they are a family owned american business that’s been running since 1913 from Bristol Tenessee, allowing us to be under a made in USA label for the first time. I’m using the camo fabric from the pocket on our spring delivery and it felt natural to re-inject it in their chore jacket. Made at a limited range of 170 pieces,  » Read more about: WOOLF x POINTER  »


By Gorey - Monday, February 24, 2014

The good guys at AIMÉ have released a video we shot a couple month back, day in the life editorial. If you’re familiar with my work you know by now that I’m a discreet kind, I want my production to be at the forefront and don’t really care about the self, the ego and the persona. So when they approached me to do this piece, the thing that seemed to reflect me enough was to center the piece on my beautiful two year old daughter.  » Read more about: AIMÉ LEON DORE x GOREY  »


By Gorey - Thursday, February 20, 2014

My good friend Marlon Ge is curating a show from french duo Fortifem in Hong Kong, his home city. The general dark mood is a step away from what I usually post but the extensive attention to detail in the drawing is there. If you’re around in the beginning of march you should definitely check it, for the rest of us check this interesting video: MAUVAISE VEINE EXHIBITION TEASER from Førtifem on Vimeo.  » Read more about: MAUVAISE VEINE  »


By Gorey - Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tomorrow, the 12th of september, if you’re in NYC come support the annual group show organized by Brooklyn’s skate brand Corpse Corps: Let’s Smoke Some Beers. The list of artist is impressive: Daniel Albrigo Daniel Bolliger Matt Crabe Deno Brendan Donnelly Faro Father Futureback Connor Getzlaff Gorey Andreas Guzman Matthew Gribben Edouard Guiounet Alex Hagen Holland Hames Joe Jurewicz Lilkool John Malta Dennis McNett Llew Mejia Chris Mendoza Brian Mitchell Bill Rebolz Kim Rense Matt Parker Justin Pervorse Luke Peweiler Erik Savage Will Sheldon Sheryo Andrew Steiner Sketchy Tank Sterling Bartlett Jess Underwood Jordan Walczak Todd Ryan White Yark The Yok Sadam Yoshizawa and I’m painting a mural for it !  » Read more about: LET’S SMOKE SOME BEERS  »

NOV YORK aka Dddddddumar Fukunovo

By Gorey - Monday, September 9, 2013

NovYork can’t make up his mind he’s a graffiti writer, he’s a writer of books sometimes he writes a book and graffiti advertises it sometimes he don’t almond joys got nuts, mounds don’t Nov has a new book but he aint advertising it. I will though The book has nothing to do with graffiti it’s postfeminist fiction Alcohol Makes you Invincible dddddddumar Fukunovo Available here: 3913 8th Ave Brooklyn Ny 11232 for $14 in BROOKLYN only.  » Read more about: NOV YORK aka Dddddddumar Fukunovo  »


By Gorey - Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Good food that is better for you and the environment all combined with street cred is what all food posts should be about, when I got introduced to Alan by my good friend Grotesk a couple years back my pitch to differentiate potential blog post to him was that I would combine graffiti and food. Almost as soon as I got the blog green light from the 12OZ team I got into some heavy changes in my diet as I took time to educate myself on the subject.  » Read more about: FOOD is GOOD  »


By Gorey - Friday, June 14, 2013

Second drop for Woolf Originals New York on jackthreads This time I’m bringing bright colors, paisley print, a lot of hawaîan fabrics and of course a killer sand camo. The collection is much bigger with over fourty pieces and you will find some chinos and short chinos with a cuff, our great button down shirts, jackets, a lot of light wear like pocket tanks, pocket tees, five pannels and accessories. The sale will be up for a couple days,  » Read more about: WOOLF SUMMER  »

The Worlds Best Ever // Gorey Sound Advice

By Gorey - Thursday, May 30, 2013

That post felt thru the cracks, so I’m a little late on it but I’m very please to introduce you to my Sound Advice on The Worlds Best Ever. The idea of Sound Advice, if you don’t know it, is to broadcast a mix done by creative people that are not necessarily dj’s. I think it is a very intimate way to discover someone’s taste in what surrounds them on a daily basis: music. Since you’re getting the best taste in a musical genre that might not be yours all the time,  » Read more about: The Worlds Best Ever // Gorey Sound Advice  »