Revolt TV Blended Cultures: Photo Recap

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I was in Miami last week for Art Basel. I curated Revolt TV’s Blended Cultures event at the Brisky Gallery in Wynwood. The event was a great success. A huge thanks to everyone who came out. Here are some photos from my recent trip.

The view of downtown Miami at night from my room.

Hustle Hard by Queen Andrea - work in progress. 

Open bar 7pm - 2am.


Street graffiti royalty.

Shirt kings.

Gift bags and spraypaint courtesy of Montana Cans

Queen Andrea’s finished piece.

Greg’s finished mural. I pulled this quote from his Instagram: “The day before I was supposed to paint a mural with Queen Andrea for Revolt TV in Miami the verdict came down in the Eric Garner case. So I was compelled to scrap my original idea and incorporate his name instead and for good measure slipped in a #FTP in the background. Much thanks to; Adrien Vargas, Chino and Montana Cans.” - Greg Lamarche 

Special thanks to Diddy (Sean Puffy Combs) for sharing our event flyer on his Instagram and Twitter.

Check out the Revolt TV’s interview with artist Erni Vales.

I’ve spent a lifetime staring at the ocean hoping to see a fin. Diligence has its rewards.

NYC stand up; Giz, Duel, SP, Cro, Miro, Det, Chino, PF, Such, Pest, Easy, Sen 4…

Case Maclaim 

Conrad Flores, Stefano AlcantaraMdelcuadro



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Shok: ‘The Consumer’ limited edition prints

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Just in time for the holidays. My super talented friend from the U.K. SHOK 1 has announced his latest fine art print, ‘The Consumer’.  A 30 year veteran in the graffiti movement and hardcore video gamer since the early 80’s, SHOK-1 painted the image inspired by the classic video game character to create a witty metaphor on our modern consumer culture.

The original artwork was spraypainted on a wall in Germany in his unique X-ray style earlier this year using cutting-edge freehand techniques pioneered by the artist. No stencils or tape were used to achieve the intricate translucent effects. ‘The Consumer’ print edition is strictly limited to 160 prints which are signed, numbered, and embossed by SHOK-1. 

Prints are available here

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Tonight: Janette Beckman’s Mash-Up / Cey Adams

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Legendary graffiti and visual artists reinterpret classic images from Beckman’s hip-hop archives. Featured artist include; Cey Adams,
Chino BYI, Claw Money, Eric Adams, Faust, Jester, Morning Breath, Revolt, Trike 1, Alice Mizrachi, Jules Muck, T-Kid 170, Sharp, Part TDS, MRS and Queen Andrea.

Also on display, recent painting by Cey Adams. Music by Stretch Armstrong

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Gansevoort Market

52 Gansevoort Street,
New York, NY

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Revolt TV: Blended Cultures Event, Art Basel

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I have an event with SP.One and Queen Andrea at the Brisky Gallery in Wynwood tomorrow.
If you happen to be in Miami please stop by.

Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 7:00pm - 2:00am.

Brisky Gallery
130 NW 24th St
Miami, FL

Open bar 7 - 2.
BIG thanks to Revolt TV and Montana Cans

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Training Days signing event at The Reed Space

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Join “Training Days: The Subway Artists Then and Now” authors Henry Chalfant and Sacha Jenkins at The Reed Space on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm as they host a special book signing event, slide show and discussion that is sure to bring this amazing book to life!

The Reed Space
151 Orchard St,
New York, NY


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Memorial event for Jason “DG ONE” Wulf

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First Annual “Jason “DG ONE” Wulf memorial.
Art show fundraiser, featuring work by; JA, Easy, Ghost, Ces, Skuf, Ket, Noah, Peak, Queen Andrea, Spot, Duel, Toper and many others… 
All proceeds from the art sales will be donated to Jason’s headstone fund.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

The PowerHouse Arena

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY

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Halloween 2014

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Finally caught some clean daytime photos of the Halloween wall I painted with; Toper, SP.One , Trim and Ribs.

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Art in the Park 2014:Photo Recap

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I was in New Haven, Connecticut last weekend for Site Project Inc’s “Art in the Park” at the Coogan Pavilion. The 2 day event featured live painting, panel discussions and workshops. It was a good time had by all! Big thanks to Site Projects Inc and Lou Cox at Channel 1 for having us. Here are a few of my photos from the event.

Terrible Nasty TKid going in.

Dr.Revolt RTW



Part TDS

Hi Crew

Jules Muck

Queen Andrea

Muck surprised us by painting portraits of me, TKid and Part.

TKid and Part



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Stations of the Elevated at BAM

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October 17 - 23, 2014 - one week only.

The 7:45pm screening on Friday, October, 17 and the 7:00pm screening on Saturday, October, 18 will feature a post-film Q&A with the film’s director Manny Kirchheimer. I will be doing a small slide show presentation with images from the film at the 8:00pm screening on Tuesday, Oct 21.

Location: Peter Jay Sharp Building
BAM Rose Cinema
30 Lafayette Ave,
Brooklyn, NY


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Darryl Makes Comics

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It’s nice to see some of my tags in the new DMC Comics graphic novel. Advance copies available exclusively this weekend at the New York Comic Con.

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Beneath the Streets

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After a long night of hitting trains, Sast and I make our escape from the 175th Street lay-up through the emergency hatch, winter 1986. From the new book Beneath the Streets: The Hidden Relics of New York’s Subway System, by Matthew Litwack and JURNE.

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Style Wars screening at the Nitehawk Cinema tomorrow

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Nitehawk presents a special one night screening of STYLE WARS with a post screening Q&A with producer Henry Chalfant and special guests (TBA), moderated by Sacha Jenkins. Both Henry and Sacha will also be on hand to sign copies of their new book “Training Days: The Subway Artist Then and Now”.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 9:30pm.

NiteHawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Ave,
Brooklyn, New York

For tickets:

Trailer: STYLE WARS (Music Driven) from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.

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