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We’re always on the lookout for qualified individuals to join the 12ozProphet Crew. Our contributor program encompasses a diverse range of roles including research staff, copy writing and editors, photographers, video editors, web developers and marketing positions. If you’re ambitious and have the skills and experience to back it up, please take 10 minutes to fill out our contributor application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the contributor programs at 12ozProphet?
The 12ozProphet contributor programs require a minimum commitment of 3 months and can run as long as you’re able and willing.
What is the time commitment for contributors?
To remain an active member of the 12ozProphet Crew, we normally require a minimum weekly contribution of three news posts from our editorial staff and photographers. Other positions, such as video editors and marketing crew have different commitments specific to those roles which we’ll discuss with you individually.
What if something comes up and I’m unavailable for a little while?
We understand that there are times when extenuating circumstances might make you unavailable. Obviously, the more indispensable you make yourself as a member of the 12ozProphet Crew, the more accommodating we can be in return. Do try and maintain solid communication with us. If you know you’ll be unavailable in advance, please give us a heads up as early as possible so we can schedule around your leave. If the absence is unforeseen, then we expect you to reach out and let us know as soon as you’re able. Absences that continue for a full month will usually lead to you being dropped from our active team and require you to rejoin when you’re available to contribute regularly.
What kind of projects will I work on?
Projects vary according to the role you’re applying for. Most of our contributor team is comprised of editorial staff and photographers who will work with 12ozProphet Editors on news assignments, features and other publishing projects. Other positions, such as video editors and marketing team members, will typically maintain supporting roles in producing and promoting news content, features and other 12ozProphet related projects.
What do you look for in applicants?
We’re looking for individuals eager to distinguish themselves from those around them by contributing their skills, talent, experience and / or relationships towards impactful projects that resonate with the 12ozProphet readership and creative online community. We expect you to be smart, organized, resourceful and work well with others (even if it’s solely online). If you have specific experience, skills, equipment or relationships, that relate to developing, designing and publishing content, then that is a definite bonus. Often we’ll announce specific positions we’re looking to fill along with any requirements for that position, but if you have an interest and think you have something to contribute, feel free to apply.
Is there any specific knowledge, skill set or equipment needed to be a contributor?
At a minimum, we expect all contributors to have a computer and regular broadband access to the internet. Additional knowledge, skills and equipment varies according to position, but obviously we’d expect t you to be have whatever is needed to fill the role you’re applying for. Example: If you’re applying for a video editor position, we expect you to have a solid proficiency in video capturing and editing, as well as access to the cameras, computer systems and software required to edit video.
Are contributors paid?
All contributor positions are unpaid. You’ll definitely learn a lot and undoubtedly meet many new people around the world that make up the 12ozProphet Crew and our viewership. You’ll also develop a ton of visibility by being a part of our media platform and from joining the ranks of a select group of people that form the 12ozProphet Crew. There are no guarantees expressed or implied, but it's worth mentioning that most salaried 12ozProphet employees began as contributors. The more indispensable a contributor you become, the better your chances of being offered paid freelance work and possibly a paid position as a 12ozProphet employee.
Do I need to live locally or commute to New York City to be a 12ozProphet contributor?
You do NOT need to live in or near New York City… Living in ANY major city Worldwide is beneficial, but also NOT a requirement. We put more emphasis on experience and qualifications since we can often supply our crew members with access and content to work on. Even if you live in a remote area without access to anything beyond a computer and broadband internet, you can still be a productive member of our team if you can edit copy or are a master at Photoshop video editing.
How do I apply?
Applying is easy… Simply click the red ‘Apply’ button located on this page and carefully fill out our three page contributor application. We usually review new applications on a daily basis and will get back to you within 3 - 5 business days.
I’ve already applied, but wasn’t accepted. Can I apply again?
If you’ve already applied for a contributor position and weren’t accepted, please allow 3 months before submitting a new contributor application unless there has been substantial changes to your work experience or qualifications.
I still have questions. Can I talk with someone?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants we cannot speak with every person interested. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, please send us a message via the contact page and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.