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Thanks to the good people at Artlog and the tireless/generous printers at FlavorPaper, I will be showing some work at the ARTLOG booth at Pulse this year. If you’re in the area, please come by. In fact, Artlog were so kind to make a map/guide showing all the fairs with updates and tweets and things like that.

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In Print / In Process Lecture Series

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The Museum of Arts and Design and American Craft Magazine are putting on a series of artists talks called In Print / In Process in which people like myself come talk a little and give a crafty demonstration. I can’t necessarily promise any profound insights into the world of wallpaper, but the MAD is a terrific institution and totally worth a visit. Plus thursday evening is pay-what-you-like style and perfect for these tough economic times. Many thanks to MAD for hosting and to American Craft for the generous article about my work in the October/November issue.
In Print / In Process @ The MAD

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Halloween Team

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Thanks Mike & Anna and to Dave Johnny for the magical evening. below A lithe Hemmingway and sultry Barry Gibb were captured here by the camera of Anna Wolf. Anna and Mike Perry are also launching a new issue of Untitled A Magazine at the ACE New York tonight. See you there.

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Amateur Hour

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2 Sutherlands No cover !
“AMATEUR HOUR is not necessarily a theme for the work in this show. We hope the title is fitting for the times we live in where barriers between what is considered “amateur” and “professional” creative work in photography, video and other mediums continue to be broken down. People are making great music in their bedrooms, recording news on cell phones, etc. For our first show together we want to celebrate this phenomenon with works in a variety of mediums including: video, video stills, photography, sculpture, found objects, and collage. Hope to see you! P+A Suthz.”

6-9 pm


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Mind / Spirit & Foreverever

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Joel Speasmaker made some heady minimal geo-philosophical graphs and video. Christopher Bettig made some crafty organic fractal-folk art. Both can be seen at DDR Projects Oct. 09 - Nov. 12 2009. If you can’t make it to LA,  Joel’s catalog of the exhibition and interpretation of Hegel’s The Phenomenology of Spirit is available here.

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Topsafe London - the same sharp minds behind Crack & Shine are officially open for business. Editions from the likes of Neequaye Dreph, Seb Gorey, Roid, and the Hopper-esque photographs of Will Robson-Scott.

“Topsafe is an online gallery that showcases high-quality, limited-edition artwork from some of Europe’s leading talents. A collective brought together by a shared passion for expression and individuality, many of the Topsafe artists honed their talents through graffiti writing. Here they present a development of the art they produce in the train yards and on city streets, while retaining the energy and free thinking that is the hallmark of their outlaw practice.”

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Art star : Brian Dettmer

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Thanks for the scoop - Jennette & Designboom !

Scarface, 2007, altered videotapes

‘skull mutation’ classical, 2007, altered cassette tapes

‘ram skull’, 2007 (altered cassette tapes)
image courtesy of the artist and kinz + tillou fine art

Godfathers 1-3, 2007, altered videotapes

Mujeres Sexo 3, 2005, altered book

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October Desktop

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In honor of one of my very favorite months I created a desktop for the lovely people at Design*Sponge. Available here in assorted sizes and colors with and without a calendar. D*S promises to keep providing desktop art on the monthly and so along with Kitsune Noir giving you a deep and colorful library of back drops. If you’re into that kind of thing.

October -detail
October - detail

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Untitled 2009

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Using my extreme vigilance I noticed this plaque on the Williamsburg Bridge. I think it’s a fair price but in this down-market economy it may be asking too much. Paul Richard.
Untitled 2009
Untitled 2009

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Summer Reading

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Being somewhat of a bibliophile it tends to distress me when books are injured. Yet I think it’s likely that James Mitchener’s Poland and this Marlon Brando biography are happier reincarnated as art installations on Graham ave. phone booths. These exploded paperbacks have been appearing around Brooklyn and the LES recently and tend to run for a week or two - due in part to the diligence of the anonymous installer who seems to have glued the case shut after trading out some horrid Sketchers ad for a piece of literature. Thumbs up.
Book It
Book It

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The Truck is Red for a Reason

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This whole healthcare debate fiasco has really opened my eyes to a new threat to our nation’s well being. From the website Angrytownhall.com “The Mission Statement of Angry Town Hall is to guarantee fully privatized fire departments throughout the United States, while promoting a “zero tolerance policy” towards government funding/operation of fire safety through grants, loans, local taxes, state taxes, county taxes, and estate taxes.” Free markets have done wonders for our current health care system, now it’s time to get big government out of our fire houses so people can finally make a profit. I was moved to draw this poster. USA !
Proper Propaganda

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Felice Varini

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Swiss artist Felice Varini will paint your church with zigzags and concentric circles if you like. His website has a whole mess of examples from all over the globe. Though the geometry is only perfect from a single angle Felice has said his “...concern is what happens outside the vantage point of view.” Thanks New Shelton Wet/Dry.

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