New Drawings

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Derek Lerner

Derek Lerner Asvirus 32 2012 Ink on paper 106.68 x 160.02 cm (42 x 63 in)

Derek Lerner

Derek Lerner Asvirus 33 2012 Ink on paper 106.68 x 160.02 cm (42 x 63 in)

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Young Blood Gallery 15 Year Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition

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I’m excited to participate in the upcoming 15 year anniversary show at Young Blood Gallery in Atlanta

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 6 from 7 to 10 p.m.

Young Blood Gallery
636 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306
Phone: 404-254-4127

For the gallery’s anniversary show the owners invited all the artists they’ve done a major show with over the past 15 years to participate in a retrospective and celebration.

The exhibit includes pieces by Abby Glassenberg, Allyson Petty, Allyson Cummings,   Amy Rice, Andrea Fremiotti,   Ann-Marie Manker, Aubrey Pope,   Ben Venom, Beth moon, Born, Brian Bishop, Bryan Collins, Caroline Smith, Chris Ramey, Christina Tzavaris,   Cole Gerst, Colleen Burley,   Crystal Morey, Daisy Winfrey,   Danielle DeStafano,   David Hale, Demian Bouchon,   Dennis McNett,   Derek Lerner,   Derek Weisburg, Dr. Daks,   El Kamino, Eric Gillyard,   Eric Mack, Erin Bennett Jenkins,   Ethan Murrow,   Faryn Davis,   Greg Christie,   Greg Turco, Heather Stevens Weese,   Hense,   Ivette Spradlin, Jame Lathren, Jason Kelly,   Jason Murphey, Jennifer Brown,   Jennifer Davis, Joseph Daniel Fiedler,   Joe Tsambiras, John Paul Floyd, John Reardon, John Simmons, Jonathan Fisher, Julia Kubica,   Kathryn Refi,   Kenn Two Four, Kent Knowles,   Kevin Taylor, Kim Hoeckele, Kim Scott, Laura Bowden Cooper, Lloyd Benjamin,   Logan Hicks,   Lucha Rodriguez,   Margaret Mroczek, Matt Haffner,   Matt Relkin, Max Kauffman,   Megan Kimber, Merilee Chamliss, Meta Gary,   Mickael Broth, Ming Donkey, R Nicholas Kuszyk,   Raymond McCrea Jones, Robert Hardgrave, Ron One, Ruth Marks,   Ryan Coleman, Ryan Flynn, Ryan Lincicome,   Sanithna Phansavanh, Sat Kirpal Garcia,   Sergio Hernandez,   Sever, Shana Wood,   Stacey Page, Steph Dowda, Stephanie Blair, Steve Pomberg,   Steven Dixey, Terry White, Travis Pack, Toby Thane Neighbors, Tracy Midulla Reller,   Travis Louie,   Tricia Patterson,   Tyler Kline, and Valerie Taylor.

Young Blood Gallery 15 year Retrospective Invite

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Recent Drawings

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Derek Lerner Asvirus 20 2012 Ink on paper 149.86 x 182.88 cm (59 x 72 in)

Derek Lerner Asvirus 30, 26 & 31 2011 Ink on paper various sizes

See more here…

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Derek Lerner Exhibition at RHV fine art

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Derek Lerner Exhibition Invitation


Derek Lerner
January 26 - February 26, 2012

RHV fine art is pleased to announce an exhibition of drawings by New York based artist Derek Lerner

Please join us for the opening reception on
Thursday, January 26 from 6-8pm.

Cocktails and after-party at Lot 2

See more of Derek’s work »

Derek Lerner layers countless well refined marks, lines, and shapes to create complex systems that look as if we are peering through a microscope and a telescope at the same time. After 15 years of working, this group of 10 ink on paper drawings (all 2011) constitute Lerner’s latest body of work, stemming from his contradictory feelings about urban sprawl, over-development and humanity as a virus.

As Lerner’s fictional landscapes meander across the paper, growing outward as layer upon layer is applied, they depict a co-mingling of human-made and natural systems and the tensions between those forces. The elements of each composition multiply and attach themselves to one another or consume others like fungi or suburbs encroaching on open land. He coalesces questions about how complex systems work, about parasites, pesticides and poisons, genetically modified foods, over-consumption and over-population into ironically beautiful visual metaphors that reference mapping, satellite photography, microscopic imagery, radial irrigation systems as well as signs, symbols and the random marks, scrapes and scratches found on the streets of major metropolitan areas.

Looking both biological and man-made, his lyrical compositions embody dualities that reflect Lerner’s conflicted feelings about his own role and impact on our environment,
“…while in many ways my work is a reaction to over-consumption and environmental politics, the drawings themselves are yet another “thing” added to the world, made no less with materials that are potentially damaging to the environment.” Although Lerner’s work emphasizes the destructive nature of man his work is evidence that beauty can be found in what humans make as well as what we destroy; and that it is perhaps unavoidable for humans to create without consuming at the same time.

Derek Lerner was raised in Jacksonville, FL and earned his BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 1995. He lives in New York City and maintains his studio in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been exhibited around the world including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IL, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City and the Centre d’Exposition de Val-d’Or in Quebec, Canada among others. This is his first exhibition with RHV Fine Art.

RHV fine art presents the compelling work of emerging and established local and national artists. We feature work that is both conceptually challenging and visually engaging, focusing on but not limited to minimal and conceptual abstraction.

RHV fine art
683 6th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Thursday through Sunday
2pm – 7pm
and by appointment

Directions: R train to Prospect Ave. or F and G trains to 7th Ave.

For more information, please contact:
Henry Chung or Robert Walden
(718) 473-0819 or visit our web site


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New Drawings/Paintings

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Derek Lerner, “Asvirus 8” 2011 Ink, enamel, and gesso on paper 121.92 x 182.88 cm (48 x 72 in)

Derek Lerner, “Asvirus 9 through 12”  2011 35.56 x 27.94 cm (14 x 11 in) ea.

Derek Lerner, “Asvirus 12 through 18”  2011 45.72 x 30.48 cm (18 x 12 in) ea.

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The Feynman Series (part 1) - Beauty

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Current TV’s new identity

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Our good friend Jordan Crane from Wolff Olins called us in when they were beginning to work on the new Current TV identity. In the early meetings GHAVA helped to mold and develop logo possibilities by testing out different motion experiments and options for multiple concepts. Early on it was obvious that the flag captured the existing, and future brand of Current TV. Once the final direction was decided upon by Wolff Olins and the client, GHAVA worked closely with Wolff Olins on further development of the brand look and feel.

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The World According to Monsanto

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Le monde selon Monsanto (The World According to Monsanto)
Directed by Marie-Monique Robin
1st aired on the Arte network in France and Germany March 2008

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Derek Lerner: “Show&Tell Figs. A-C” in Infoporn II Exhibition, Chicago, Dec 10-11

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Select Media Festival 9: Infoporn II Exhibition


Derek Lerner Show&Tell Figs. A-C 2002-3 Diazo bluelines, Each 187.96 x 106.68 cm (74 x 42 in) in editions of 8

Select Media Festival 9 opens December 9th and runs through december 12th at the experimental cultural center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere and spaces in Bridgeport, Chicago. The ninth annual festival will feature video programs, a group exhibition, performances and presentations in conjunction with live music and action.

The group exhibition, Infoporn II, was inspired by artists and designers who use available analog and digital tools to communicate complex data from the everyday to the very obscure. A selection of works from around the world take form in installations, a publication library, interactive projects, and infographics. The show will be viewable for TWO DAYS only. (Friday Dec 10 8pm – 1am and Saturday Dec. 11 2-9pm)

Featuring works by:
Tom Burtonwood, Dayton Castleman, Caleb Charland, Jeremiah Chiu, The Center for Urban Pedagogy, Column Five Media, Theodore Darst, David A. Garcia, Firebelly Design, Francesco Franchi, Cody Hudson, Gary Kachadourian,   Derek Lerner, The New City Reader Classifieds project by Kazys Varnelis and Joseph Grima & others, MaTeVoS, Serifcan Ozcan, The Present Group, The PMIRL library Infoporn Collection, Adam Lonczynski, Adam Lonczynski & Joshua Clarfelt.

Performances by:
J+J+J, Aleks Eva, Lord of the Yum Yum, Michael Perkins

After party Dj Set by Joe Bryl LSD Soundsystem at Maria’s (960 W 31st St)

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan Street
Chicago, IL

Map & Directions

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plastic bag

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New Drawings

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Derek Lerner, Waste 1 through 4, 2010 Variable media, Various sizes
Derek Lerner Waste 1 through 4, 2010 Variable media, Various sizes

Read full description about this series of drawings here.

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Derek Lerner: “Telepresence” in Conflux Festival, NYC, Oct 8-10

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Recycled Spacetime
Derek Lerner Recycled Spacetime 2010 Multimeda

For the 2010 Conflux Festival, I’m installing within a five block radius surrounding NYU’s Barney Building, at 34 Stuyvesant St. NY, NY multiples of three pieces (Recycled SpacetimeWaste, and Refracted Spacetime) which are part of an ongoing body of work entitled Telepresence.


Conflux, the art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space, presents 75+ interactive art and technology events over the weekend of October 08–10, 2010 in the East Village. Participants will transform the neighborhood into a street-based laboratory with art installations, interactive performances, games, guided expeditions and more. Indoor events, headquartered at NYU’s Barney Building (34 Stuyvesant St.), include a keynote address by renowned urban explorer Steve Duncan, evening performances and the Conflux Café series of artist-led talks and workshops. As a leading venue for cutting-edge work by public-space artists, technologists, scholars and practitioners of contemporary psychogeography (the study of the geographic environment’s effects on our emotions and behavior), Conflux provides an open framework for the examination, celebration and (re)construction of everyday city life. Outdoor Conflux events are free; a one-day pass for the Conflux Café is $5 ($3/students). Purchase tickets now.

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