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No doubt everyone has noticed that we stopped publishing daily news on 12ozProphet. We figured it was high time we publish an explanation and fill everyone in on our next steps. So click the link and read more and find out what's next for 12ozProphet.

Stop Talking About Banksy

By now you’ve undoubtedly seen the headlines popping up all over the internet and various social platforms. “Banksy Unmasked!”, “Science Finally Reveals the Artist Behind Banksy”, “New Study Names Banksy Without a Doubt!”. They were everywhere this weekend, and as I watched my uninitiated friends share and revel in the news, I found myself becoming uneasy about the whole thing. ‘Fucking snitches’, I thought, don’t they realize what they are doing?

12ozProphet Presents: QUIRK DME X Bazooka Films 77

Even in January, the nights are warm in Miami, Florida. Warm enough to walk around with your jacket unbuttoned, with no gloves or hat, just a bag of cans and time to kill. As we strolled around the city with QUIRK DME we remarked that while we were enjoying the occasional cool breeze, the rest of the country was preparing for the winter storm of the decade. What a time to be alive we thought, as QUIRK busted out tag after tag, leading us on a tour of a new Miami we hardly recognized...

12ozProphet Presents: Counting Sheep – DEBT – Collection 01 Volume 02

DEBT is a bomber through and through. He’s got pieces rocking here and there and can burn with the rest of them, but bombing is where it’s at. In a day and age where people want to rock 20 color pieces to show off for their insta-fans, it’s nice to know there are still people out there keeping it true to what graffiti means to the streets. Bombing is that buttery essence. The benchmark. It’s what separates the artist's type from the writers, and fair weather participants from the truly dedicated. That's DEBT...


Break ya neck on the double take for this one, cause REVS is back in action. Yes, that's right the man who wrote his life story deep in the depths of New York subway tunnels has risen once again to hit a rooftop roller, and man are we stoked. Shouts out the the legend continuing to do his thing, real ones never let go...

Over The Ego: An Interview with Berst TMD

Known for his explosive and vibrant letter pieces Berst (TMD / GBAK) has been classified as one of this generations most innovative writers. Now with his work making moves into more illustrative and Post-Graffiti realms we caught up to chat progression and how we can make an impact beyond just painting on walls.

Happy Holidays From The Frozen North

Tis' the season to brave the elements and put in that off season work. It's when the dedicated show their true colors and hit the yards and streets regardless of what mother nature throws their way. Rain, hail, sleet or snow, writers continue to deliver the goods like the post man.

12ozProphet X Bazooka Films 77: 1969 Ft. EAGER, PDOG & TASE

Shouts out to EAGER, PDOG, TASE and Bazooka Films 77 for staying true to those nighttime hooligan activities that are the reason we all love this shit. Shouts out to everyone out in the bay killin' shit day in, and night out. Shouts out to sick unadulterated bombing footage, you know you want to check it out...

12ozProphet Presents: Counting Sheep - GOOMBA - Collection 01 Volume 01

It’s all about the spots. Having the most spots, the best spots, the biggest, baddest and dangerous spots in the game. The higher the better. Extreme risk involved? Perfect. Those are the most legendary and iconic spots there are. The ones people still talk about 10 years after you hit it.The ones that live through the fading, buffing and dissing. The ones that get you a pocket full of texts the morning after you hit it. We’re talking about Heaven Spots, and the people bold and talented enough to pull them off.

The XMEN Meet Picasso in the Windy City

Pablo Picasso is familiar name to those in and outside of the art world. He is recognized for his distinct style and approach to creating artwork, such as his contributions to the creation of Cubism. The XMEN Crew from Chicago thought they'd pay homage to one of the greats as a nod to artistic inspiration. Check out this fresh production from one of the freshest crews in the windy city.

Pure, Unapologetic and Free: The Klops Interview

It's not often you interview two dueling mindsets within one person, where two distinct attitudes make themselves fiercely known over the same set of questions. But then it's not often you interview Klops…whose playful, adept and socially conscience style is forged with a bombers mindset. Which side are you on?

Legends Amongst Us: KING 157 X 12ozProphet

A giant amongst giants. A King of Kings, steward of the land somewhere out there on the West Coast. KING 157 is one of the most legendary graffiti writers to have ever laid paint to a freight. If you bench you have undoubtably come across this man's work, his style is unmistakeable, and his out put ferocious. A product of a generation since past, KING still lives and operates under those laws. Pay your dues, Respect the game and most importantly, don't snitch.

Chicago's Own: AMUSE 126

The people of Chicago know AMUSE 126. Some admire him, others take issue with his line of work, but they all respect him. Much like Al Capone and Bugs Moran before him, AMUSE 126 has become infamous in the windy city, turning a life of crime into bonafide celebrity . 12ozProphet had the opportunity to hang with the Chicago giant this weekend as he did his thing on the street, and he did not disappoint.

12 Questions: GREVE (DC5)

Using a truly diverse range of cultural access points and references and with a modern spin on realism, Chicago-based artist GREVE paints murals that tell stories, each unique in plot and perspective. His newest works have been comprised of intricate collage murals, painted on walls. These paint-based collages feature reproductions of familiar graffiti settings, celebrity portraits, scenes from popular movies and television shows and cartoons and sitcoms.

12ozProphet Exclusive: Asend One Paints Chicago

Culture, style, originality and dedication have given him a lasting place in the graffiti world, a feat of unexpected magnitude considering the temporary nature of the art. If you live in the Chicago area and haven't noticed his name, you're not looking. He has devoted nearly two decades to his art and the experience shows. He has left his mark and continues to inspire graffiti writers globally to do the same.

Norm AWR

Exclusive Video: NORM MSK - Talking Graffiti & Tattoos with 12ozProphet

NORM AWR is a name you should immediately recognize. He's been one of several notorious members of famed graffiti crew “Mad Society Kings,” for decades and has traveled the world extensively as an accomplished tattoo artist. Join us for this exclusive short video as 12ozProphet captures a glimpse from the daily life of NORM AWR.

Exclusive: New York City Subway Trains Caught Running With Graffiti Art!

12ozProphet has a freakin' doozy of a Metal Monday post for you. One of our team was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time and despite single digit temperatures and a wind chill that pushes the frigid temps into negative territory, caught this freshly painted steel running on the MTA system for all of New York City to enjoy.

VEEFER for 12ozProphet - Graffiti x Studio Sessions

Veefer is a street bomber, an all-city legend and a veteran of the game. As a graffiti writer Veefer has been getting down since the late 80's and all of us at 12oz have long been fans of his work. Recently he stopped by our downtown studio to get down with this video spotlight.

Dmote for 12ozProphet

Blackbook sessions with DMOTE - Prime Suspects

In this latest edition of 12oz Studio Sessions we've once again brought top-tier talent into the studio; this round with Australian-born artist DMOTE. For those of you living under a rock, if you aren't up on who DMOTE is, it might be due to the fact that he's also been consistently prolific writing SHANK.