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I have been invited by Jeremyville to be part of a new design book called Muscle Up. As you can see on the advertisement, my work is going 3D.

Muscle Up is a collection of some of the most exciting, dynamic, and engaged art by 30 of the most daring visual male artists in the world. They’re artists who thumb their nose at convention, and – no matter how established their ‘careers’, or how internationally renowned their work – they are artists who refuse to grow up. Defiant and rebel-rousing, these creators playfully cross boundaries between graphic design, fine art, graffiti, film, product design, fashion, fiction, and heaps more.

Full artist listing:
Jeremyville / Jaime Hayon / Dalek / Jeff Soto / Anthony Lister / Dave Kinsey / Adam Wallacavage / Andrew Jeffrey Wright / Andy Mueller / Ben Frost / Bill McMullen / Buffmonster / Dave Bonney / Devilrobots / Doze Green / Ellis Gallagher / Eric White / Gary Baseman / Haroshi / Jim Houser / Jonathan Zawada / Kid Zoom / Kill Pixie / Kimou Meyer / Michael de Feo / Mike Mills / Mike Perry / Numskull / Oliver Hibert / Rinzen / Ryan McGinness / Shag / ShoboShobo

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