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By - Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

6 month ago I had the pleasure and honor to be invited by NIke to create my own New York sport team with a twist. I came up with a basketball team: “THE PIPE DREAM TEAM”. The uniform includes a varsity windbreaker, sneakers, tees and fleeces. The first product to drop is the varsity jacket.I was thrilled when I found out that our master of ceremony Allen was shooting it for the press release. This gave the extra touch to bring the project home. Here is more info taken from Nike’s official press release: Nike Sportswear and Grotesk present The Pipe Dream Team. Representing the East, Kimou Meyer, aka Grotesk, gives us a team that reflects the everyday hustle of New York City living.Inspired by the uniforms of 1940’s and 1950’s professional basketball and baseball leagues, Grotesk also infused the characteristics of old union worker patches, jackets, and pins to create the look of a team that stands for having big dreams and doing whatever it takes to achieve them. “Many of us gravitate to this city carrying with us big dreams and a passion to attain them,” says Grotesk. “A rookie like me has to work twice as hard to prove that I belong. I wanted this team to stand for all of those who fight to make it.” The team motto, Hard Work Overcomes Mistakes, comes from a philosophy of challenge, innovation, and empowerment. “Whenever I finish a project I always look for ways to take it further. For me this slogan embodies a drive that encourages me to try new things pushing me towards that day when I have that perfect shot,” says Grotesk Several of the design elements of the team’s logo hint to the morals of this overachieving always striving team of the rebellious and head strong. Heat pressed to the back with patches and embroidery on the front of the Nike Sportswear Varsity Jacket are various symbols of The Pipe Dream Team’s mission. Integrated into one dynamic team logo, flying money bags are reminders of how quickly money and dreams can be lost. Arrows connote the self control and focus needed to reach an objective. Lastly, the mascot itself, the money bag ball player, symbolizes the balance between the love of the game and the everyday hustle. When asked, who would be this team’s rival, Grotesk promptly responds, “The Wall Street Spoon Fed.” The Pipe Dream Team by Grotesk is available at Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer and Nike Sportswear locations nationwide in August 2009. For additional information please visit: NIKE

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