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I was honored to be a guest on this weeks Bullseye with Jesse Thorn on NPR this week, and in company with the immortal George Clinton of P Funk, no less. The show airs Saturday on your local NPR radio station but is online as of today.


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Lions x Carnage

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New issue of Carnage is out and a must-have for anyone interested in Street bombing in the last 10-15 years.


New York, 2/12/14. The newest issue of Carnage features
highlights from Fernando Lions’ personal collection of
35mm photos, taken between 1996 and 2005.

The book release will take place on Saturday, 2/15, from
7-10pm at Reed Space Annex at 151 Orchard Street in
New York City. Carnage Issue 6 will be available online
via carnagenyc.com on Monday, 2/17 at noon ET.

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Fools Gold x Smart Crew

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The Reason For the Season

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Been holding it down for a minute. Don’t front. You know Jesus Saves….

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Saturday Nov 23rd

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This Saturday, NYC. Come hang out with myself and Sacha Jenkins SHR as we geek out over handstyles and talk about Flip The Script.

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Veterans Day: Getting Up In Afghanistan

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Being as it is veterans day, I wanted to share this story and photo from DUEL. It’s been said that war is long periods of boredom punctuated by danger and violence. Idle hands hands are the devils playground I suppose. While stationed in Afghanistan, DUEL still found ways to stay busy and get up. I recently got this print framed and wanted to share. To DUEL and all of my other friends in the service, Thank you. Come home safe.

When I asked him for the story behind this photo he replied with this story…

“... Essentially I was deployed to Helmand province from March to August of 2012. I was getting ready to rotate back to the states. I had stacked up almost forty cans of paint and had yo burn through them. I wanted to do this high profile spot without ppl making a fuss so I saved it for last. I had scoped out this wall and made plans to do it. So one morning I took a six pack of cans and threw them over the baracade. Later that afternoon, I walked out there by myself to do it. All I had was a pistol and a bottle of water. It was 140 degrees. Them cans were hot as hell cause they were sitting in the sun for hours. I knocked out them stock cap fillins as fast as I could without being spotted in the afternoon. A few helos flew over but no one really said anything. After I was done, I got my flicks and stepped off. I heard ppl was looking for me but by that time, I was on my way out the door. Lol.”

And peep these dope tees and other goods at his website if your still feeling patriotic tomorrow:   http://d1nyc.bigcartel.com/products

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T Eric Monroe

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Congrats to homie, T Eric Monroe on the showcase of his photography by Monster Children.

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Three The Hard Way - Portland, Nov 7

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Long time friend and one of the very first Handselecta collaborators Jerry ‘Joker’ Inscoe is part of a 3 person show titled THREE THE HARD WAY with Augustine Kofie and Christopher Derek Bruno. The exhibition opens at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland on Thursday 7th November 2013 6-10pm.

All three artists come from a graffiti background, and are firmly established members of the pioneering Transcend graffiti collective. These highly versatile artists are equally known for their large-scale mural projects, as well as their own very individual voices in a gallery setting. Traditional letterforms are abstracted into geometric configurations within their work; and dimension, form and space are considered and explored within their dynamic compositions.

Their collective approach to art-making is steeped in academic discourse, and whilst retaining the vibrancy of their graffiti backgrounds, traditional art movements such as Futurism, Abstract Expressionism and Precisionism are also embraced by the visual vocabulary imbued within their work. The exhibition title itself is a literal reference to the historical terminology Hard-Edge painting; which was first coined in the late fifties and used to describe intense and abrupt delineation of color within the burgeoning Geometric Abstraction and Op-art movements. Whilst these artists acknowledge and embrace movements of the past, they confidently stand outside of historical classification and have established themselves as a core group of protagonists defining a contemporary movement they have made their own.

Whilst the three artists have shown together previously in larger group exhibitions, Three The Hard Way is the first time that this trifecta has shown together in a collaborative environment. For the month of November the three artists will take over both of Breeze Block’s gallery spaces for an installation that incorporates the full range of multi-facetted oeuvres from each of these influential creators.

More images of Jokers work and process after the jump.

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Rebel - Brooklyn Hands

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A few months back I sat down with Rebel to talk tags, favorite markers and Brooklyn hand styles in his era of the 80’s and 90’s. Thanks, Rebel.

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Street Dreams University

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Back To School

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Time of the year to gear up. 15% off all gear at Handselecta’s  webshop all weekend and through next week. New tees just dropped by   Faust and   Jesus Saves. Still have   AGUA tees in stock in most sizes.

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“Paint what you feel…express what you think”

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This really beautiful and touching memorial in Mexico City by architect Ricardo Lopez, encourages public to cover it in writing. America needs to start taking responsibility for the atrocities committed because we have created this black market with our laws, and fueled it with our habits. Prohibition creates nothing but further crime, and suffering. Maybe the writing on the walls will help us to see that.


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