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Steady #2: 'Embark' Launch party

By - Friday, February 1st, 2013

The second issue of Steady, “Embark” release Part
Saturday February 2 8-11pm Present Company Gallery 101 North 13th St Brooklyn, NY www.steadyzine.com {image-1} The second issue of Steady, entitled “Embark”, is a black and white study of foreign travel. The magazine’s introduction explains: “With all of the media immediately available to us in the digital age, there is never a shortage of inspiration for artists of any kinds. There are endless internet videos to show us corners of the world we could never have imagined otherwise. All of this plus the luxury of being able to watch them in the palm of our hand ensures it is never a problem to feel motivated to travel. What separates a true adventurer from a dreamer is acting on that initial spark. Turning an idea into a reality at the time of that fleeting moment when you have just enough gusto and enthusiasm to move. There will always be reasons not go- work, personal life, finances, etc.- but sometimes it is important to ignore the reasons not to go and say yes to pursuing travel for, if nothing else, the sake of inspiration. The newness of a foreign world has a funny way of reminding of how small you are, how big our earth is, and how much unknown there is to be discovered. It is that feeling of newness that inspired this issue.” The issue is divided into three chapters, one per contributor, each preluded by a scan of the photographer’s passport, the stamp showing the country in which their photo series was taken. Dan Zvereff opens the issue with photographs from Afghanistan, Justin Hogan has the middle section of pages with shots from Mexico, and Brian Kelley’s images from Myanmar close out the last pages. ABOUT STEADY: Founded by Brian Kelley, Dan Zvereff and Justin Hogan, Steady was built on the desire to see photography printed. In the age where photography has been so far removed from its original, manual process, the Steady creators seek to bring back the analog nature of the medium. Steady is printed bi-monthly and distributed for free. “Embark” will be available for digital download at www.steadyzine.com but the founders encourage New York City locals to pick up a hard copy at one of the stockists listed below. www.steadyzine.com NYC Stockists: 21 Mercer, Blades, BLK DNM, Burton, Carhartt, CRC, Dashwood Books, DQM, DQM general store, Dunderdon, KCDC, La Colombe (Soho, 4th Street), Labor Skateshop, Lafayette Smoke Shop, Manhattan Color Labs, Raised By Wolves, Reed Space, Saturdays (Soho), Spoonville, St Marks Books, Stussy, Surface To Air {image-2} {image-3} {image-4} {image-5}

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