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Exhibition Recap : “New Mathematics” @ Known Gallery

By - Monday, October 3rd, 2011

A.Gallery_Full_.bw_-664x421 It was an interesting art tour out on the west coast last month, especially with a host of other east coast artists showing and working in LA these days too. A number of notable exhibits during the few weeks I was there spoke for a strong and growing audience, and there was a lot of good energy in town leading up to Greg and my openings at Known Gallery… Returning to Known for my second full blown exhibition in their main gallery, I was happy to have pushed myself to create enough work to effectively fill the 3000+ sq. ft. space, which I knew from experience eats up work fast, especially with over 20 ft. tall ceilings. Here are pics of the full installation, sequenced as close as possible to how I intended the work to be viewed ; many thanks and much love to the Known Gallery team and family for all their continued support, as well as all the friends and supporters who represented for the show, both in person and online. The show will also remain up through next Saturday, Oct. 8th for anyone who may still be in the area. pics by Carlos Gonzales to follow now, and here are links to some of the featured exhibition coverage too : www.huffingtonpost.com www.complex.com www.arrestedmotion.com www.hypebeast.com www.slamxhype.com www.highsnobiety.com www.thehundreds.com www.graffuturism.com 12.S_.Vertical_bw_.12oz_-664x832 9.Walls_Corner_.12oz_.bw_-664x346 8.Big_Sx2_.bw_.12oz_-664x372 7.Corner_.1_.bw_.12oz_.2_-664x477 6.Abstracts_x_6_bw_.12oz_.2_-664x463 4.Short_Wall_.120z_-664x443 3.Big_Squares_.2bw_.12oz_-664x377 2.Middle_Wall_.12oz_-664x448 1.Drawings_.12oz_.2_-664x298 0.Wall_Front_.bw_.12oz_-664x382 21.SE3_bw_.12oz_-664x439 18.SE3_Open_Side_.12oz_.bw_-664x443 17.SE3_Gray_on_Gray_.2_.12oz_-664x460 16.SE3_Series_.Straight_bw_.12oz_-664x312 15.SE3_Long_Wall_.12oz_.bw_-664x377 14.Superswirls_.2_-664x360 13.Gallery_Full_.2_.bw_.12oz_-664x443

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