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Tagging along @ Art Basel

By - Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

3d_BW-664x445 Along with painting at the Graffuturism “In Situ” Installation, which is set to be released with text and full pics soon, I had the pleasure of joining a few friends for three different book signing / release events down at Art Basel this year : First up on Friday night was “The Underbelly Project” exhibition and book signing. Big time congratulations to Workhorse, PAC and the producers of this show, it came together spectacularly. The show itself was truly museum quality and extremely well received, the book came out great too. Thanks for welcoming me to participate in both, more pics and coverage can be seen here : The Underbelly Project @ Art Basel Underbelly_Signing-664x886 Next night was a signing for my man Tristan Eaton’s “3D Book” project. The book itself is dope and Tristan always keeps it moving in a number of directions with his art, design studio and brand Thunderdog. Had fun with a bunch of other great artists at the signing, and – proof that you can still teach an old dog new tricks – did my first actual “3D tag” using a red and blue sharpie at the same time after biting this technique from Tristan mid-signing : Unfortunately I only got this poor quality pic of it, and more coverage and pics from the event can be seen here : 3D Book Signing @ Art Basel 3D_BOOK_Signing-664x445 Last up but not least, I was happy to end the night with NY and 12oz fam at Chino and Sacha Jenkins “World Piece Book” signing event. Spent more time hanging out than anything here, catching up with Erni after a few decades, rapping about old New York with Skid DMS, and connecting a few other dots before sparking up in the back room with the crew then out… look for Chino’s own post on 12oz for a full recap soon too. World_Piece_Book.3_-664x440 Good times.

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