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Downtown, NYC. Fall 2010.

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Seems like my last few blog entries have centered around books. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, so hopefully it’s still news to a few people out there. The good people at Prada remembered to send us over a copy of this seven hundred and eight page gem… Featuring an in-depth look at the culture and style that defines the brand, while beautifully documenting the Prada from the inside, as well as from without. From campaigns to spaces, apparel to people, its an incredibly intimate view of the brands past 30 years, which in turn, lays out a visual roadmap towards their future.

Anyhow, our brother, Finok... the King of Green... managed to slip into a few pages along with good friend Barry McGee (who also had an amazing exhibition and book project with them several years ago).

Prada Book.

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We’ve been working on a bunch of supporting stuff to go along with the projects we’ll be releasing. Here’s some custom ALSO KNOWN AS holograms that’ll be on all the stuff. From books to tees, it’ll now be official when you see one of these…

And a breakdown of the layers in the hologram…

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One of the many things we’ve been working on here at ALSO KNOWN AS... A fresh new site to kick things off.

Seems that everybody and their grandmother has a slick new site these days and information about brands and the people behind them has become ubiquitous. So, we decided to go the other way with it and just give people a little tease by way of a video loop we’ll be updating every month or so, that in turn hints at something we’re working on, and a contact form.

Short, sweet and not for everybody.

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In addition to the recently released Supreme book a while back I was approached to contribute to a different book being worked on by Patrick Nguyen and Stuart Mackenzie for Gestalten titled, “Beyond the Street”. It’s finally hitting store shelves, so I got the chance to peep a copy. The book showcases photos and interviews with 100 artists, galleries, personalities and people that have contributed in some major way to street and urban art around the world. With the efforts I’ve been a part of through 12ozProphet and Also Known As, they saw fit to include me in the line up. The book itself is an impressive 400 page hard cover with plenty to read and tons of great photos and art from a really broad selection of people. Flipping through it, I saw many familiar faces plus lots of good friends and many fellow 12oz bloggers like Os Gemeos, Todd James and Martha Cooper. Check it out… Available soon from Gestalten, Amazon or a book store near you. Here’s a few shots I took of the book, including a couple of the shots I submitted to them.

Crude Oil - Rest In Peace

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For those unfamiliar, Blade TC5, is both a pioneer and living legend in New York City’s graffiti history. Being a founding member of the infamous “The Crazy 5”, and having rocked over 5,000 trains in his prolific graffiti career, few writers have since managed to pull off what this man had already accomplished when he retired back in the early 1980’s. Blade stopped by the AKANYC / 12ozProphet studio the other day to talk about the glory days, build on some next steps and get down with our chalk board series.

*Note: OsGemeos goofing off on the next panel.

Check out for more information on Blade TC5.

Also check out the 12oz feature with Keo and Dash, who are part of the “The Cool 5”, the successors to the TC5 legacy.

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Unless your deaf, dumb and blind you’ve probably already caught news of Shepard’s new wall in the Bowery. This is the second time Shep collaborates with Goldman Properties to bring his art to life. Here’s a portrait I did from the first effort back at last Decembers Art Basel in Miami. If you happen to be in New York City, be sure to check out his show at Deitch Projects opening May 1st, which also happens to be the last show before they shutter the doors and Jeffrey Deitch takes off to Los Angeles to head up the MOCA.

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A long while back our studio was invited by West and James to assist with some shots needed for the Supreme book. After many, many months of waiting for it to be released, it finally dropped yesterday. Featuring shots by fellow bloggers Yuri Shibuya and Jamil GS, the book is a complete retrospect of Supreme’s 16 year history and includes 304 pages of essays, interviews, photos and more detailing all the art, design and culture that define Supreme.

The book is now available at Supreme stores worldwide, with a mass market edition (sans slip case and bonus content) being made available on on April 27th.

A long while back I posted about some studio work we’d been doing. The more observant people out there might have noticed that the stuff in the background we were shooting was actually a Rammellzee canvas from the Supreme shop. Here’s a couple more shots we did, as well as some more behind the scenes stuff.

*Book cover shot via Hypebeast. They also posted a good write up...

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Yeah, I know, I know… I keep coming back with these posts claiming to be super slammed and promising to post more regularly and then go off and disappear all over again. Guess the dust is never going to settle, but I’ll definitely try harder to work around all we have going on and post. On that tip, we’ve been working on all kinds of new stuff for both Also Known As and 12ozProphet, while continuing to work behind the scenes with select clients on commercial work. In select cases, we’re blessed with being able to merge both by way of collaboration.

That said, yesterday we received an extra special studio visit from Nike chief rocker Mark Parker and twin brother prodigies Os Gemeos. Good things are coming…

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STAGES moves to Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach

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Lance Armstrong and Nike have been sharing their passion for life and sports together through a combined effort STAGES, a global art exhibit aimed at raising worldwide awareness and funds for the LIVESTRONG® Global Cancer Campaign.  Capturing the spirit that survives in Lance, more than 20 artists donated their time and creativity to put across a message on behalf of LIVESTRONG, Armstrong’s foundation committed to inspiring and empowering people affected by cancer. 

With a strong debut in Paris, STAGES launched at Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery with a team of the world’s most accomplished and promising international artists, including Ed Ruscha, Cai-Guo Qiang, Richard Prince, Catherine Opie, KAWS, Eric White, José Parlá, Christopher Wool, Tom Sachs, Dzine, and Rosson Crow. The second part of their journey took place in New York City hosted by Deitch Projects where the team picked up four extra members with new works: the Os Gemeos twins, Futura and Dustin Yellin. 

The finale will take place at one of the art world’s biggest global events: Art Basel Miami Beach. To create an even louder voice for the LIVESTRONG message, STAGES calls in Los Angeles based Christian and Rob Clayton, aka the Clayton Brothers, the furious paintings from Erik Parker and the black and white portraiture genius of artist Tomoo Gokita for a high energy show full of talent and spirit.  All artwork on display as part of STAGES will be available for purchase with proceeds directly benefiting LIVESTRONG.

STAGES Miami will be open to the public at O.H.W.O.W. Gallery,
from 4th to the 6th of December 2009. For more information regarding STAGES, please visit or follow the twitter @stages_09.

888 Biscayne Blvd,
Miami, FL 331132
Gallery hours: Fri-Sat, 12-8pm, Sun 12-6pm

Image Credit

Ed Ruscha
“Vital To The Core”
@Ed Ruscha
Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Clayton Brothers
Rob and Christian
“Always Alive”
@The Clayton Brothers Rob and Christian

Tomoo Gokita
“A Couple”
@Tomoo Gokita

Erik Parker
“Fake Out”
@Erik Parker

Contributing Artists
Cai Guo-Qiang, Clayton Brothers, Rosson Crow, Jules De Balincourt, Dzine, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Tomoo Gokita, Andreas Gursky, KAWS, Geoff McFetridge, Yoshitomo Nara, Catherine Opie, Os Gemeos, Erik Parker, José Parlá, Raymond Pettibon, Lari Pittman, Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, Tom Sachs, Kenny Scharf, Eric White, Christopher Wool, Dustin Yellin, Aaron Young

At LIVESTRONG, we fight for the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today. There can be – and should be – life after cancer for more people. That’s why we kick in at the moment of diagnosis, giving people the resources and support they need to fight cancer head-on. We find innovative ways to raise awareness, fund research and end the stigma about cancer that many survivors face. We connect people and communities to drive social change, and we call for state, national and world leaders to help fight this disease. Anyone anywhere can join our fight against cancer. Join us at

About NIKE, Inc.
NIKE, Inc. based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Wholly-owned Nike subsidiaries include Cole Haan, which designs, markets and distributes luxury shoes, handbags, accessories and coats; Converse Inc., which designs, markets and distributes athletic footwear, apparel and accessories; Hurley International LLC, which designs, markets and distributes action sports and youth lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories; and Umbro Ltd., a leading United Kingdom-based global football (soccer) brand. For more information, visit


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My right hand man, Julio recently brought an interesting new phenomenon to my attention… The home team up in Channel Zero, generally well known for being the true keepers of the faith here on, have been spreading the message via a site called Drawball, which is this odd sort of collaborative graffiti space. It’s really nothing new for 12ozers to coordinate on our boards for the purpose of infiltrating other websites, but this last effort definitely take those efforts to a new level. Anyhow, my respects go out to the 12oz loyalists out there keeping the struggle alive.

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Complex Magazine just put together a list of the 50 Best Nike Dunks of all time, and the AKA Wet Look Dunks came in at number 10 on their list. No doubt, most sneaker heads would argue a list like this to death, but all of us at AKANYC are honored to take Complex Magazines number 10 spot. Speaking of lists, the AKA Wet Look Dunks made THE list a while back when Nike put together their official list of the top Dunks of all time. I got a cool little feature on the Nike website as part of their Chronicles.

Allen Benedikt, purveyor of AKA (also known as) and curator of 12oz. (Complex Cartel what up!) put together this set of patent low tops inspired by iconic spray can colors. There were only a few sets of these sneakers, never released at retail. Instead, Benedikt worked with Nike to raffle the shoes off to benefit Free Arts NYC—a non-profit organization that helps at-risk and neglected children. The set of seven dunks raised nearly $15,000. Win/win.

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