The Burning of Kingston: photo recap

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BIG thanks to everyone who took the trip up north and braved a little rain to watch history being made. The first Annual Burning of Kingston was a tremendous success!  Eight artist split into two (4 man) teams, going head to head on opposite sides of the train. Team 1: Doves, Ribs, Bio and Ces. Team 2: T-Kid, Dero, Doc TC5 and DMote. While at the same time; Cope 2, Revolt RTW and Yes 2 blazed the mock-train from our 2013 Write of Passage exhibit.  Extra special thanks to: Doves, Ribs, Bio, Ces, T-Kid, Dero, Doc, DMote, Cope 2, Revolt, Yes 2, Henry Chalfant, Mass Appeal, Redbull, Montana Cans and The Trolley Museum of New York!

Pregame huddle: DMote, Doc, Bio, Doves, TKid, Dero, Ces and Ribs.

Let the battle begin!

Terrible TKid 170 going in. 

Wish 4 by Ces.

Tournament MVP the Don Doves… all aboard.

Dr. Revolt and Henry Chalfant.

Cope 2, Revolt RTW and Yes 2.

Battle train side 1: Doves, Ribs, Bio and Ces #DemSpiceBoyz.

Battle train side 2: T-Kid, Dero, Doc and DMote #TeamTerrible

And the winner of the 1st Annual Burning of Kingston is… Side 1: Doves, Ribs, Bio and Ces, congrats!




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