Moleskine Covers

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About a year ago, RazaUno introduced me to this company selling engraved notebooks and laptops. I was really psyched with the custom Moleskine notebooks, but it turns out that it’s not so responsible environmentally and that too much breathing the lasered PVC Moleskine covers can give you every kind of cancer at once. The solution was that they started making these terrific leather book covers that are pretty and tactile and not nearly as caustic. I made a couple designs, several more are on
Engraved Moleskine Art
Engraved Moleskine Cover : Saw
Engraved Moleskine Cover : Death From Above

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Voodoo Funk

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I thought I’d interrupt my regular broadcast of non-stop self promotion with a important message of motherland funk brilliance from WFMU. Voodoo Funk is a blog and radio show featuring only the best dusty-ass 45’s of African pop music from the 1970’s. It’s cold and shitty outside and this is remarkable. Podcast over here.
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Shameless Plug

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I made a new website with a mess of wallpapers and art on it. People that know me may remember that I’ve been promising a new site for at least a year now. Apologies to all. You can deduct one full letter grade from my final score.

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Street Art

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Found in the open air museum that is Bushwick, Brooklyn. Happy year of the Ox.

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January 20 2009

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Several million of my friends and I went to Washington DC tuesday. It was amazing to be there, but I’m pretty sure it would have been amazing to watch it on TV in a diner or pretty much anywhere. It was a really good day.

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Tintin is 80

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Belgium’s international icon of investigative journalism is 80 Years old. These books were early influences on me both for Hergé‘s amazing use of flat color and his eye for capturing the detail in exotic environments. His depictions of various ethnicities appear painfully naive by today’s standards, but Hergé definitely made an effort to play down the stereotypes towards the end of his career. I encourage anyone uninitiated to take a look before Tintin goes all Hollywood.

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The Piece Process

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Anonymous Gallery / 329 Broome Street, Lower Level, New York, NY 10002

Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hambleton, Robert Indiana, Dennis Oppenheim, Ray Johnson, Todd James, Eric Haze, Bast, Elbow Toe, AIKO, Kenji Hirata, Greg Lamarche, Aakash Nihalani, Erik Foss, Deven Marriner, Michael De Feo, Logan Hicks, Judith Supine, Dan Witz, Maya Hayuk, Daniel Joseph, Ripo, Skewville, Brandon Friend, Dark Cloud, MOMO, Dan Funderburgh, Ellis Gallagher, Matt Siren, The Clayton Brothers, and MORE!



Anonymous Gallery is proud to combine three generations of prolific artists whose work has been influenced by, or has directly influenced popular culture, design, and the urban environment. The Piece Process will unite relevant artists with their contemporary counterparts through artwork that serves as a reference or an impetus to something larger or more complete. Anonymous Gallery will exhibit unique pieces of art in the form of sketchbook drawings and original works on paper or found objects from over 30 established and emerging artists exhibiting in New York. The exhibition intends to create discourse in regard to artists who have not only influenced one another, but society through their use of iconography, collage, pen, paint, and print.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Anonymous Gallery, will also be hosting weekly workshops for children. Artists Todd James, Leon Reid, Michael De Feo, Maya Hayuk, Ellis Gallagher, among others, will teach the workshops.

In the spirit of giving, portions of the proceeds raised will go to benefit Public Art for Public Schools For a.dditional information, workshop schedules, or to make a reservation, please contact - events[at]anonymousgallery[dot]com

Special Thanks to John and Kristine Woodward, Woodward Gallery for their significant support for the exhibition.

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Vegas x Wall St. x Stereo Hell

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Stereo Hell - the same outfit responsible for the questionably subversive phony American Apparel campaign - have used their red sharpies to illustrate another timely and perverse American institution. Blueprints of the remixed Vegas strip can be seen at Be sure to check out the all-you-can-eat Warren Buffet $9.95.

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THEME Magazine

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Theme is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that focuses on stories about contemporary Asian art and culture. It’s run by good people in Brooklyn and totally worth a read. I did an illustration for this month’s ‘Eureka’ issue and it looks like this. Thanks, John. 

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WFMU Benefit Show

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WFMU is an independent, listener supported, freeform station broadcasting to the greater NYC area and online at Proceeds from this benefit will go towards building a new antenna in Manhattan. With the generous printing help from J.Fines I was able to contribute a small edition a large cypher print - shown below. There’s a opening December 6th at Printed Matter on 10th ave. After that, art will be available for sale at

Other artists participating are Brian Alfred / Sarah Bedford / Nina Bovasso / Olaf Bruening / Tom Burkhardt / Ellie Curtis / Michael Dumontier / Ben Eine / Nicole Eisenman / Mitch Epstein / Neil Farber / Jad Fair / Kyle Field / Matthieu Gafsou / Luis Gispert / Stuart Hawkins / Mark Warren Jacques / Daniel Johnston / Mel Kadel / Mike Kelley / Michael Krueger* / Greg Lemarche / Chris Johanson / Christian Marclay / Richard Prince / Steve Powers / Andrea Robbins / Max Becher / Alexander Ross / Cindy Sherman / James Siena / Casey Jex Smith / Geoffrey Todd Smith / Deb Sokolow / Swoon / Scott Teplin / Jim Torok / Will Yackulic

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Times Special Edition

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If you walked the streets of Manhattan today you may have noticed people handing out free copies of The New York Times Special Edition. After being pleasantly surprised by the price, readers of the NYT SE were most likely then incredibly surprised by the headline reading IRAQ WAR ENDS. Further reading revealed that the US Patriot Act was repealed by congress, ExxonMobile and ChevronTexaco were nationalized to fund climate change efforts, Bush was indicted for high treason, bike lanes are replacing car traffic on every other avenue and every 5th cross street, and the date is July 4th, 2009 .

The bootleg dream-world Times was perfect in every way and after an amazing election, gave New Yorkers 100 additional reminders of what audacious idealism could possibly achieve. This act of guerilla hope-mongering was perpetrated by the Yes Men - a cabal of brilliant agit-prop art pranksters best known for making complete fools of WTO types as recorded in their eponymous documentary. Read the NYT SE online.

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Stand Up and Be Counted

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You know the deal. Go with a friend. Bring a book. Don’t go home until you push a button or pull a lever. Meet me at my place later and bring fireworks.

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