Carlos Mare Curates DMC @hiartsnyc

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Hi-ARTS present
Curated by Hi-ARTS Visual Arts Curator Carlos Mare

Opening Event Oct 7, 2014 6-9pm
Gallery Viewing Oct. 7, 2014 thru Nov.7th
Gallery Hours 12pm to 4pm Hi-ARTS Studio Gallery
304 East 100th St.
@2nd Ave, NYC

Kicking off the season with their annual line-up of events, Hi-ARTS will once again bring the best in local and international culture, continuing their commitment to creativity and advocacy. Hi-ARTS has selected famed sculptor/painter and graffiti legend, Carlos Mare, as their new Visual Arts Curatorial Director.

Launching with the highly anticipated comic novel release of “DMC”, the inaugural title from Darryl Makes Comics, which imagines an alternate history that blends traditional comic book storytelling with the pressures and anxieties of 1980’s NYC, and explores how we got to where we are now. DMC is a superhero for those who need one most.

DMC grew up loving comic books, it was his escape into a fantastical world of superheroes vs villains or good vs evil. It was in this world that he developed a love for the art and artists of the comic book community. Through these stories he would develop his reading and imagination, which would later serve him, as he would become one half of the world famous rap group Run DMC. These creative and professional experiences empowered him toward social justice issues and education, which led him to bring together the things he enjoyed most, Hip-Hop culture, Comics and Social Issues.

About DMC

Hip-Hop pioneer and icon, Daryl “DMC” McDaniels, is bringing his love for comics with Darryl Makes Comics set to unveil at New York’s Comic Con. As a staple in the NYC community, DMC will also host a student talk back at Hi- ARTS. Mare139 who created the comic book artwork will talk about designing the layout from the cover art. Hip-Hop is based on creativity and Hi-ARTS is an original venue for DMC to help unite the culture, while educating the children. The DMC talk back will be held on October 7th.

About Carlos Mare

With strong contributions to the arts and academic community and a long history of working with Hi-ARTS, Carlos Mare aka Mare139 is a perfect fit as the new curatorial director of Hi-Arts NYC, Mare uses art as a tool for creative empowerment and academic advancement. Lecturing globally at the highest levels of academia and exhibiting worldwide in galleries and Museums his works and words are highly revered for their insight and contribution toward the advancement of contemporary urban art. He has recently exhibited at The Pera Museum in Istanbul and has also launched his own design firm M139 Design Studio which has launched the NAS Time is Illmatic film website and the soon to be released the innovative Hip Hop Education port. He is the designer of the Annual BET Award and a Webby Award Winner.

JOIN US for a gallery opening at Hi-ARTS Studio Gallery where key images from this groundbreaking comic book will be on display.





Darryl Makes Comics, LLC




Carlos Mare



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M139 Design launches NAS Time is Ilmatic website

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M139 Design Studio launches the first phase of the Official Time Is Illmatic website in Association with Illa Films, Hip Hop Education Center and Tribeca Film

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NYTimes article on Graffiti Sculpture

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David Gonzales of the New York Times wrote an article in Mondays paper about my new installation for the No longer Empty Project opening this Wednesday in Sugar Hill Harlem. We discuss my history as former writer and sculptor and he interviews Doze Green as well a good friend who has seen my work evolve over the years.

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Carlos Mare 1xRun Print Release

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This work is an evolution from going series of the B-boy Abstracts, which I began working on in 2005. Since then Ive taken considerable time in refining the line drawings and gestures that best capture the essence, spirit and attitude of the dancer.

I have done an enormous amount of drawings over the years in order to understand the true abstraction in the dance. The focus on suggesting physicality and movement efficiently allowed me capture the dancers intention with minimal strokes. As I develop it further I tend to go to two extremes, complete abstraction closer to Cubo-Futurism or very refined line drawings, which on their own carry as much power as a full on paintings.

“Carlos Mare’s Bboy drawings and paintings, so refined and visually direct, become coded representations of the dancer’s repertoire of movements and poses. In much the same way that staffed symbols are used to represent the written form of musical notation, so too the simple, gestural icons come to express a visual codification, a defined scale of available movements.”
- Robert Smith

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Style Master Don1 Book

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As a young writer I was fortunate to have seen some of Don1 pieces and tags, his legend as both hand stylist and style writer preceded him in every Boro of NYC. I used to think it was Dondi CIA but in fact it was an already establish Style Master who was unarguably on par with the best of his generation.

Looking at the fantastic and dedicated work that Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro committed to this project is impressive.  This book highlights and preserves the history of a very influential Style Master whose work has influenced many generations directly or indirectly. I was floored by the amount of painted masterpieces and that many of the great legends such as Chain 3 paid homage to Don1.

This book is definately among the must haves on the subject of early Style Writing.

Among the famous graffiti artists from New York City’s 1970s subway era was an unassuming talent from the unassuming borough of Queens. The Italian-American rock and roller who wrote DON 1 MAFIA blasted onto the scene like a meteorite out of nowhere. His influence on this art form transcended the inner city and he became a legend and a household name. But his descent from the top of this name game, a result of the hedonistic lifestyle of New York City at the time, was just as swift, and for years DON1 has lived in obscurity. Fortunately, as a photographer studying at the prestigious school of Art and Design, DON1 documented his iconic work, along with that of his well known contemporaries, using his trusted 35mm camera. This penetrating work takes the reader inside the supernova that was DON1’s creative life with nearly 200 never before seen graffiti photos of the most undocumented NYC train lines and an even rarer glimpse at work from his black book.

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OG Slick Pepper Spray Print Edition

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20x20 hand embellished silk screened print by SLICK. Edition of 50.

Individually spray painted, four color screenprinted, signed, numbered and embossed by the artist.

Signed and #‘ed by artist on the bottomSigned and #‘ed by artist on the bottomSigned and #‘ed by artist on the bottom
Currently on display at the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles #LAHEAT exhibit.

- See more at:

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A Major Minority Exhibition

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A Major Minority
An Intercontinental survey of Othercontemporary Urban Art
Opening Reception: Friday, March 14th, 2014, 6:30 – 9:30pm
Show Dates: March 14th through April 12th

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1AM is pleased to present, “A Major Minority”, opening on March 14th, from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. Curated by San Francisco-based artist Poesia, “A Major Minority” is a survey of Othercontemporary Urban Artists from over 18 countries consisting of over a 100 artists. Expect to see an international sampling of art works that reveal the overall character of Urban Art and its relationship to the public as well as the contemporary art world.

According to Poesia, urban art has become an OtherContemporary art movement outside of the contemporary and critical art world. By taking a large sampling of the world’s most prevalent urban artists, Poesia aims to reveal the true character of this art form as being born outside of theory and based on its interactions with the public as well as its urban landscape. “A Major Minority” is an attempt to illustrate the current progression of this art form as “traditional graffiti merges with street art and becomes what the public has coined Urban Art.”

Come check out works by world renowned artists 108, 2501, O.Two, ABCDEF, Alex Kuznetsov, Alex One, Alexander Becherer, Alexey Luka, Amandalynn, Antistatik,  Arnaud TRBDSGN Liard, Askew, Basik, Bezt, Blaqk, Blo, Boe, Bom.k, Borondo, Cain Caser, Christopher Derek Bruno, Clams Rockefeller, Col, Collin Van Der Sluijs, Corn79, Dame, Dana Woulfe, Deams, Debens, Defer, Dem189, Demsky, Dime, Djae, Does, Drew Tyndell, Drew Young, Duncan Passmore, EKG, Estria, Etnik, Evgeniy Dikson, Faust, Felipe Pantone, Franco Jaz Fasoli, Gilbert1, Graphic Surgery, Hellbent, INO, Jay Paavonpera, Jaw, Jerry Inscoe, Jurne, Kan, Karlos Carcamo, Katre, Kema, Ken Davis, Kidghe, Kwest, Legz, LX One, Mac1, Mags, Martina Merlini, Matt W. Moore, Max Rippon, Mes, Mike Bam, Moneyless, Morik, Nawer, Nelio, Nibor Reiluos, Nmph, Pener, Petro, Poesia, Proembrion, Rafael Sliks, Romi, Rubin, Sainer, Samuel Rodriguez, SatOne, Scott La Rockwell, See One, Seikon, Sepe, Silvio Magaglio, Slicer, Slick, Sowat, Spé, Stendec, Stephen Holding, Swiz, Thiago Toes, Thomas Bestvina, Thomas Canto, Tobe, Todd Mazer, V3rbo, Vesod, Vincent Abadie Hafez Zepha, Wais, Wane, and Xuan Alyfe.

For more information, visit If yo.u have any questions or would like to request media related material, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Outdoor Art Gallery

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Book Launch of Outdoor Gallery – New York City By Yoav Litvin
Date: Saturday, February 22nd , 2014 6pm-11pm
Event Address: 17 Frost, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Outdoor Gallery – New York City documents the vibrant and diverse outdoor art of New York, a global epicenter for street art and graffiti. The book features works created by 46 of the most prolific artists working on the streets of New York City. The beautifully photographed artworks are accompanied by illuminating interviews, which consist of the artists’ thoughts on New York, the current state of street art, the future of this dynamic medium, and their own work and processes.

As outdoor art is ephemeral and constantly changing, it is necessarily current and relevant, Outdoor Gallery captures the zeitgeist of this dynamic countercultural art form in the context of the global movement.

Book launch event-

Outdoor Gallery – New York City will launch at the 17 Frost Gallery in Brooklyn, a space dedicated to the most exciting and experimental art forms in New York City. The show will open on February 22nd, will feature works by over 40 artists (see page 2 for a complete contributor list) and will be curated by the book author Yoav Litvin together with Royce Bannon. In addition, it will debut several outdoor art-related films created by the New York City-based Dega Films crew.

For event/art show inquiries contact the curator Yoav Litvin at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Complete contributor list to event/ art show:

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Erni Vales Unusual Journey Book Release

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Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

“Nothing great happens without struggle!” Erni Vales

“An Unusual Journey”

It took just 3 decades for NYC graffiti legend Erni Vales to prime himself for his most ambitious challenge of his career. 169 paintings done in 13 months! That’s 13 paintings each month! This is his Unusual Journey!

“An Unusual Journey” chronicles, in detail, every painting. Both in stunning full color in this 12” x 12” hard cover 200 page book but also with blurbs, small back stories that reveal a momentary state of mind Vales was in while creating each painting.

These days you can find many, many books on graffiti almost anywhere, but this is not just a graffiti book. Vales’ combines his graffiti foundation with vibrant color. His love of storytelling inspired by classic film noir posters, all mixed well with a heavy dose of pop and comic book art style. The result is a wild concoction of thought-provoking characters, scenarios and themes that run the gamut from sex, taboo and religion to hilarious and ridiculousness!

Vales’ main points throughout the book however is not only to show off his speedy skills, (each painting took about 2-3 days to complete. Working on at least 2 but sometimes 3 at a time) but to make sure that each piece have the merit to stand alone. These are in no way speed paintings, every group (13 in all) is deeply thought out and each painting was crafted with pride, care and of course in his unique style, a style and a feat that no other artist can duplicate.

At first, 12 paintings for 12 months seemed the obvious choice but that didn’t feel challenging enough while on the other hand, 14 for 14 was way too many and the work would suffer so it was settled that 13 paintings, for 13 months would offer great struggle without straining the work, and with all the naughty, dark connotations associated with the number 13, it was the clear choice.

For additional info, schedule an interview or ordering your very own copy contact Red at 646.344.9599 or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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FLOW- Remi Rough-Crash One Exhibition

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I would like to extend an invitation to view the works of two of the most prodigious urban artists working today, Remi Rough and Crash One. I know both men for a very long time and have seen their art and careers flourish over the years so I find this collaboration is very intriguing as it is unique. The artists both have very different sensibilities that branch off the DNA of graffiti style writing. Crash influenced by pop imagery and its bold colorful qualities produces works that play on his familiar juxtapositions of letter forms and partial facial expressions, well known for this theme Crash infuses them into Remis hard linear compositions of planes floating and folding in space. In turn Remi layers Crash’s paintings with his familiar urban suprematist compositions that break up the soft spray painted images with divisions of stark color, fine lines and solid to transparent planes that lift and dash across the canvas. 

Notably Crash One plays probably one of the most important roles in Post Graffiti as an artist who bravely ventured off the reservoir of yards and layups to embrace formal art practices informed by contemporary pop art. This move was the impetus which brought him and others acclaim in the early 80s with the art market, more importantly it challenged his peers and the world at large as to what graffiti is and what could it become.

Carlos Mare

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Kel First Throwback Thursday

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Heres a classic throwback outline by Kel 139 CIA, it was painted with Dondi CIA on the J line in 1978 and shows Dons influence on Kel.

From the Henry Chalfant Archives ©

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PRISM: Urban Art and Culture Festival

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PRISM: Urban Art and Culture Festival
The Estria Foundation will sponsor 2 weeks of cultural happenings and curated events for the community of Oakland and beyond.

September 28 – October 12, 2013

September 24, 2013—Oakland, CA. The Prism: Urban Art and Culture Festival encompasses a series of public events organized by The Estria Foundation. Oakland boasts world-class sports teams, rich urban culture, a ranking as the nation’s most sustainable city, a booming start-up company and non-profit hub, and a thriving art scene.  Contributing to Oakland’s creative culture, civic enthusiasm and love of community events, Prism: Urban Art and Culture Festival will feature an array of activities beginning on September 28 and running through October 12th. These events will address social justice concerns utilizing visual art, music, dance, symposia and sustainable culture practices in an effort to emphasize live art projects and arts programming for the community.

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