Carlos Mare 1xRun Print Release

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This work is an evolution from going series of the B-boy Abstracts, which I began working on in 2005. Since then Ive taken considerable time in refining the line drawings and gestures that best capture the essence, spirit and attitude of the dancer.

I have done an enormous amount of drawings over the years in order to understand the true abstraction in the dance. The focus on suggesting physicality and movement efficiently allowed me capture the dancers intention with minimal strokes. As I develop it further I tend to go to two extremes, complete abstraction closer to Cubo-Futurism or very refined line drawings, which on their own carry as much power as a full on paintings.

“Carlos Mare’s Bboy drawings and paintings, so refined and visually direct, become coded representations of the dancer’s repertoire of movements and poses. In much the same way that staffed symbols are used to represent the written form of musical notation, so too the simple, gestural icons come to express a visual codification, a defined scale of available movements.”
- Robert Smith

© Mare 139 & 12ozProphet - Wednesday April 23, 2014

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