Pixel Pancho and 2501 Narrowly Escape Annhilation by Sandy

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Italian artists Pixel Pancho and 2501 were forced to take a break from Articulate Baltimore because of the hurricane so they accompanied me to NYC. Today they walked to Times Square from 103rd Street and then all the way to the Lower Eaststde to visit with Ever who is in town. On their way back uptown their taxi was suddenly hit with a big branch falling from a tree on Riverdide Drive. Luckily no one was hurt but it was a very close call. Photos by 2501.

2501 will return to Baltimore as soon as possible to finish his wall. Pixel plans to stay in NYC for a few days so if anyone has a good wall for him to paint, please get in touch.

A branch fell on Pixel Pancho's and 2501's taxi on Riverside Drive.

Pixel painting a rusty Flash for Articulate Baltimore.

Finished wall

Wall 2--a dying Ronald MacDonald.

2501 starting his big wall.

Painting at night to try to beat the hurricane.

Wall will have to be finished in a few days, weather permitting.


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Trainspotting in JoBurg and Cape Town

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Although penalties for painting on South African trains can be harsh, there is a thriving graf scene in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The bright yellow metro line cars provide a colorful background for pieces, many of which last for years as there is no buffing program. I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to shoot trains but with a little help from local writers I got to some good locations including a sort of trackside writer’s bench. I felt like I was back in the ‘80’s!


Roa's wall was right next to a train line. There was a good view of both from the fire escape of the neighboring building.

At rush hour, the crowded, unairconditioned cars run with their doors open.



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I ART JOBURG - a month in South Africa #1

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As usual, I’m slow to post so apologies for old news. South Africa was full of surprises.  From our artist-decorated rooms in Jo-Burg’s 12 Decades Hotel to graffiti pieces on trains to flocks of penguins in Cape Town, nothing was as I had imagined beforehand.  Although I’ve traveled to North, East, West and Central Africa, this was my first trip to South. Big up to organizer Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam and Adidas for including me in this project.

We stayed in Maboneng, a trendy Jo-burg district with sidewalk cafes and small shops that reminded me of Brooklyn's Williamsburg.

Falko, an early writer from Mitchel Flats in Capetown, painted a puzzle mural with a bisected face.

Prolific Falko's second mural was hastily painted over--don't ask...

Headed for a project in India next, Falko painted an Asian elephant in anticipation of his travels.

Remed from Paris




Remed's second wall was eventually painted over by ESPI.

Fine artist Cameron Platter from Durban, South Africa painted Jo-burg newspaper ads in his first ever mural.

Cameron Platter

Cameron Platter mural with one of the innummerable recycling carts passing by.

ROA from Belgium, painting African animals atop a scary high lift









Sign Painter Guylan paints a portrait of ESPO to be displayed in ESPO's gallery installation

Guylan painting ESPO portrait

Guylan with one of his local works

Mambo school choildren in Soweto paint a wall outside their school with supplies and guidance ofrom I Art Joburg artists.

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Living Walls, The City Speaks Atlanta Part 1

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Living Walls Conference was possibly the most ambitious street art festival, in mission and scope that I’ve ever attended.  In addition to 20+ murals being painted, events included panels, film screenings, lectures, exhibits, parties and a bike tour—all free and open to the public.  The far-reaching goal was “to promote, educate and change perspectives about the public space in our communities via street art.”

For its third edition, director and co-founder Monica Campana decided to invite women artists only as there had been overwhelmingly male participation the previous two years. I had met a few of these women at the all female B-Girl Be in Minneapolis in 2006 and 2007 and at our We B*Girlz events in Berlin in 2007 and 2008 so I was excited to get a chance to see them again.

Having so many local and international female artists in one place at the same time made for a joyous occasion. However the funding and logistics required to get them there, provide lodging (at the W hotel no less!!), food, transportation, supplies,  walls etc. was mind boggling. This would not have been possible without an army of dedicated volunteers. Somehow Living Walls pulled it off spectacularly. I was honored to be included

Monica Campana at work in the Situation Room

Meet & Greet

EME, Spain

FEFE, Brazil


HYURO, Argentina via Spain

Little piece by Atlanta graf legend TOTEM around the corner from HYURO's wall.

INDIGO, Canada via South Africa

BoyfrIend ANDRZEJ paints while INDIGO strums.

Bike Tour arrives just as INDIGO finished her wall.

JESSIE & KATIE, Baltimore




CAKE, NYC pasted by Jessica & Craig

RJ showed a selection of shorts including this charming one about the AIR BEAR. Check it out on YouTube.

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More Living Walls Atlanta, Part 2

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Apologies for being slow posting these photos. I’m leaving for a month in South Africa tomorrow so better late than never.


MISO, Australia

MON, Atlanta

OLIVE47, Atlanta


SHERYO, Singapore

LNY & INDIGO on panel


STEN & LEX, Italy

TIKA,, Switzerland

ART HOUSE by NIKITA GALE, KNITTERATI & PLASTIC AZTECS - The house was scheduled to be torn down right after the festival.







SWOON, NYC - pasted by Jessica & Craig

Jessica & Craig pasting up SWOON piece


Instabombing!! at breakfast.


Living Walls exhibition in Main Space

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Wall\Therapy - Rochester 2012-Walls Around Town

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Rochester’s Public Market was the central location for Wall Therapy 2012 however artists painted major murals all over town. A couple of walls came under more than the usual scrutiny from the community but there’s no way to please everyone without being boring. Here are some photos of the murals painted in locations around the city.

HOW & NOSM, twins from Brooklyn via Spain and Germany

HOW & NOSM with Ian Wilson, founder of Wall Therapy

Stencils cut from cereal boxes

SILOETTE, San Francisco, California, painted with CERN on the side of a recreation center building.

SILOETTS on left, CERN on right

CERN , Brooklyn, NYC, painted on the same recreation center wall as SILOETTE. Check out post below for another Cern wall in Rochester.

CERN's balloon gets some play in the recreation center pool

ROA, Belgium

ROA's sleeping bears drew a variety of comments, pro & con, from passers-by. Bear #3 never made it onto the wall.

ST MONCI, Rochester, NY

FAITH47, South Africa For more on Faith's somewhat controversial mural, scroll down two previous posts

DALeast, China & South Africa This was DAL's bonus wall. Scroll down to previous post to see his first Rochester wall

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Wall \Therapy - Rochester 2012: Walls Near the Market

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Wall\Therapy is the brain child of Ian Wilson, a Rochester, NY doctor who became a fan of street art while growing up in Brooklyn. In addition to bringing international artists to Rochester to paint murals, Ian and the Synthesis Collaborative are working to provide basic diagnostic services to under-served communities worldwide.

Until now, my only experience with Rochester had been with its legendary photographic history as the home of Kodak.  As it turns out, the city has a thriving arts community in part due to the reasonable rents available in former manufacturing buildings. Many of the 2012 Wall\Therapy murals were painted on walls of buildings around Rochester’s Public Market.  Local artists warmly welcomed the visiting ‘therapists’ and “The Yards”, a collaborative art space located in the heart of the market,  became the headquarters for cans, computers, cameras, coffee and camaraderie.  The murals below are all in or within easy walking distance of the market.

Ian Wilson, founder of Wall\Therapy

Rochester's Public Market has been in continuous operation since 1827 and in the same location since 1905.

Many of the 2012 Wall\Therapy murals were painted along the street behind the market.

CERN, Brooklyn, NY

CASE, Germany

DALeast, China via South Africa

FAITH47, South Africa--This was one of two walls she painted in Rochester

LIQEN, Spain

Block party!

PRVRT, Rochester, NY

PRVRT, Rochester stenciled this on the wall of a shop in the market after he finished his big wall.


Big up to Wall\Therapy and The Yards!


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2012 Bloop: International Proactive Art Festival in Ibiza

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Sorry for the late post but I’ve been on a whirlwind street art festival circuit this summer and am just catching up on blogging. First in mid-July was Bloop Festival, in Ibiza, a spectacularly beautiful island off the coast of Valencia, Spain. Bloop got its name from a mysterious and as yet unidentified oceanic sound detected by scientists.

Ibiza is known for non-stop partying. There are discos open 24/7! The island is not known as a street art destination but the Bloop organizers are working hard to change that perception by (and I quote):“focusing on the innovative artistic and cultural proposals of the island, instead of its transgressive ones.” Frankly I don’t see why anyone would want to spend all their time on Ibiza clubbing when they could be enjoying water, sun and sand on a beautiful beach.

“Appearance” was the theme of this year’s festival and I was invited to put together an exhibit to be held at the lovely Can Jeroni gallery in the town of Sant Josep. I printed about 170 photos of artists at work and titled the show “Making an Appearance” since graffiti and street artists aren’t often seen.

Sincere thanks to the organizers and volunteers for inviting me, escorting me around the island and helping to hang the show. I wish I had been able to stay longer to meet more artists and see more finished walls. But I had to get back home in order to fly to Rochester, NY for Wall Therapy. That post will be coming up soon.

Marc Mascort i Boix, content curator for the 2nd edition of Bloop Festival.

KENOR, Spain

KENOR, Spain


EME, Spain

H101, Spain

Wall in background is BORIS HOPPEK, Germany


B TOY, Spain


SKOUNT, Spain living in Amsterdam

Giacomo organizes Bloop with brother Mateo and fills in as DJ when necessary.

AEC of INTERESNI KAZKI. The other half of the duo, WAONE, couldn't come because he got married!


ZOSEN, Argentina & Spain

ZOSEN, Argentina & Spain

ZOSEN, Argentina & Spain and MINA HAMADA, Japan, USA and Spain

Exterior of Can Jeroni Gallery, located in the heart of the island in the town of Sant Josep

My exhibit, "Making an Appearance" at Can Jeroni Gallery

A rare Ibizan Hound, Podenco Ibicenco, descended from Egyptian hunting dog.

This lil guy jumped into my baggage is is now sitting on my windowsill overlooking Riverside Park--by Bortusk Leer I think.

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Nudes n’ Prudes in Rochester and Atlanta

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This summer I was privileged to photograph two of the most respected street artists in the world at work: Faith47 from South Africa at Wall Therapy in Rochester and Hyuro from Argentina via Valencia at Living Walls in Atlanta. Both painted huge murals over long hours in the blazing sun. Sadly a few, but by no means all, members of their wall’s respective communities objected to the content of the murals. Why? Prudery! Faith’s wall contains one artistically draped bare breast and Hyuro’s an animated series of drawings of a woman undressing, donning and then shedding a fur wolf suit. The animation is posted on Vandalog.

In Sweden or Germany or probably most of Europe, neither mural would be controversial. But in Rochester and Atlanta the walls happened to be located near religious institutions and their leaders were most vocal in condemning the art.

I can empathize with people who don’t feel they had a voice in deciding what they will have to look at every day—whether art, architecture or advertising. On the other hand, artists need the freedom to paint whatever they feel would best fit a particular wall and the neighborhood. This is obviously a difficult balance to strike and one that the organizers of street art festivals have to grapple with to retain funding and procure suitable walls to paint. Aesthetics are subjective and no mural will appeal to everyone. Personally, I would like to see artists pushing the envelope a bit and giving people something to ponder and discuss as in the case of both of these walls.

Street art is ephemeral. Paint fades and buildings are torn down. Photography almost always lasts longer than the art. I am especially happy to be able to post these photos and also, for comparison,  a few examples of nude women in art from centuries past when apparently people were more accepting of the female figure.


South African artist Faith47 painting in Rochester, NY as part of Wall Therapy.


Faith47-finished mural.

Hyuro, Argentinian artist now living in Valencia, Spain painting in Atlanta as part of Living Walls.



Hyuro's finished wall.

Venus de Milo by Praxiteles c. 120BC

Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1485

Joovs van Cleve, Virgin & Child, 1525

The Venus of Urbino, Titian 1538

The Satyr and Antiope, Van Dyck 1630

The Birth of Venus, Cabenel 1875

The Bathers, Renoir, 1887

La Vie, Picasso, 1903

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CASE’s Kodak Moment: R.I.P. Film

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In July photorealist Andreas von Chrzanowski aka CASE of Germany’s Ma’claim Crew traveled to Rochester, NY to participate in Ian Wilson’s Wall Therapy. After painting a huge, beautiful mural on a wall in back of the central outdoor public market, CASE was ready for more so I suggested he paint something related to Rochester’s Kodak history.

I’ve been an avid collector of Kodak advertising and memorabilia since the 70’s. You can see much of it on my Kodakgirl website. My dad and uncle were Kodak dealers and ran a family camera store, the Camera Mart, in Baltimore for over 50 years. I shot with Kodak (mostly) film for decades. Last year Steidl published Kodak Girl, a book about my collection. The Kodak Girl was Kodak’s early advertising icon from the late 1800’s until around the 1930’s. She was an adventurous, world-traveling, female photographer who often wore a blue and white striped dress and I strongly identified with her. I suggested to CASE that he paint an image from my collection for his second wall.

CASE chose an advertising poster depicting a woman sitting on a box of Autographic film loading her camera. This special film was made from 1914 to 1932 for the Autographic, a camera manufactured with a slot on its back allowing photographers to write a notation on the film with a stylus.

We drove around Rochester with the help of Wall Therapy’s Erich Lehman and found a wall with a good view of the Kodak building behind. CASE faithfully reproduced the poster but added handles to the film box, turning it into a coffin and painted a halo around the Kodak Girl’s head. Thus the wall became a poignant memorial to a bygone technology and a tribute to a moribund company in bankruptcy.

Negative vibes came back to us from Kodak headquarters. Apparently some Kodak executives felt that the wall was demeaning to the company. Also they mistook the Autographic camera in the hands of the Kodak Girl for a Kindle! They pointed out that Kodak film was still alive and that there was still a film division at Kodak. So it was a bittersweet surprise to read the following headline in the New York Times:“Kodak to Sell Legacy Film Units as Part of Bankruptcy Plan”.

My original Kodak poster c.1930 shows the Kodak Girl loading her camera with Autographic film.

The Kodak Building as seen on a postcard from the 1950's.

We found the perfect wall in the shadow of the historic Kodak building. Permission granted!

CASE transforms Autographic film box into a coffin.

Kodak Girl gets a halo.

The finished wall.

My parents in the Camera Mart, our family store in Baltimore, c.1955. Kodak film was a staple.

Kodak Girl, a book about my collection of images of women and cameras edited by John Jacob and published last year by Steidl.

CASE's first Rochester wall located in the back of the public market.


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In mid-June, Aiko spent a solid three weeks hand cutting stencils in preparation for tackling the famous Houston Bowery wall. This wall has become the premier street art exhibition spot since Keith Haring first painted it in 1982. In the past few years the wall has been curated by Jeffrey Deitch and Tony Goldman. Their selection of artists included Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Kenny Scharf, JR, Faile and Retna. All guys!! I am sooo happy to finally see a woman on this wall!!

Aiko’s 44 stencils, each measuring 6 feet square, were too big for one person to handle so she enlisted the aid of her girlfriends (including me) who spent all night for six nights braving wind, rain and a New York City summer heat wave.

She began work on July 7th, the day of the Japanese festival of Tanabata, which traditionally celebrates the only day when a star-crossed pair lovers who are separated by the Milky Way are allowed to meet. On this day in Japan people write their wishes on slips of paper and tie them onto bamboo stalks.  “I wanted to do something really positive and playful for everyone.” Aiko explained.

The finished wall is pure Aiko-style—intricate graphics, super sexy, very Japanese but with a dose of NYC and lots of fun. Check out Here’s Fun for Everyone! through October.

Design based on a Japanese traditional sticker from a shrine with characters for Lady Aiko, Tokyo and Brooklyn.

Reception for finished wall hosted by Tony and Janet Goldman.




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Welling Court III a Winner!

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The weather gods smiled this weekend as 60+ international and local artists converged on the cozy Queens community of Welling Court under bright and breezy skies. Organized by Ad Hoc’s Alison and Garrison Buxton, the event has become an annual art bash.

Residents volunteered their walls and gates, hosted the artists with barbeques, music and dance, and became an appreciative audience as the art progressed. Rollers, aerosol, stencils and even an extinguisher were deployed for pieces that ranged from classic graffiti to cutting edge street art. It was great to see so many artists collaborating with each other and the community.

Quite a few walls from 2010 and 2011 have survived in good shape including ones painted by Lady Pink and Roa. If you have a free day, put a field trip to Astoria, Queens on your summer excursion list.

OLEK - if u c smthg say smthg


Caleb Neelon & Katie Yamasaki

Katie Yamasaki






ELLIS G & Vintage car


Fire Extinguisher action






QUEEN ANDREA - Because I Choose to Use My Infinite Potential






STORMIE MILLS from Australia


KUKY from Spain


SHERYO from Singapore






Dancing in the street!

CEKIS from Chile







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