Os Gemeos Back in Town

This article was posted by Martha Cooper 4 years, 2 months, 1 week, 4 days, 13 minutes ago.

The twins are back in NYC with their older brother Arnaldo and VLOK Crew member Cojo. They’ve nearly
completed a spectacular mural in a Chelsea schoolyard. Twelve Ounce’s AKA Allen Benedikt conceived
the project and worked for over a year to pull it off with support from P.S.11’s art-appreciative principal, Robert
Bender,  NYC’s Department of Education,  Montana paint and Nike. 

As an added attraction, Futura is making a cameo appearance spray painting and stenciling the pattern on the
shirt of the gigantic character. The figure wears pants composed of creatively colored world flags expressing the
mural’s theme of international unity.  The humongous wall required 80 foot lifts for the artists. Because of safety
issues, bystanders must take their photos and chat with the twins from outside the fence.  As someone who is
tired of seeing buildings covered with oversized vinyl advertising banners, I hope this beautiful new wall will kick
off a long-overdue, city sponsored artist mural movement.

© Martha Cooper & 12ozProphet - Wednesday August 11, 2010

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