Street Artists Spruce up Street Vendors’ Stable in Baltimore

This article was posted by Martha Cooper 1 Year, 4 months, 1 week, 5 days, 21 hours, 9 minutes ago.

My documentation of Baltimore traditions merged with my interest in street art last month as Gaia, LNY, Mata Ruda, Nanook and Sorta brought their skills and supplies to one of the last of the A-rabber stables in Baltimore. A-rabbing, the practice of selling fruit and vegetables from horse drawn carts, has existed since the 1800’s but is in danger of dying out. The impracticalities of keeping horses in the inner city combined with the difficulty of getting fresh produce to sell has taken its toll on this enterprise. At present there are only two A-rabber stables still operating.

Gaia and friends used a quickly funded Kickstarter campaign to pay for paint and immediately set to work. Their hope is to continue the project in connection with the Arabber Preservation Society, making repairs to the buildings and even starting a visitor’s center. Meanwhile the Fremont stable has been transformed into a veritable mural mecca, a showcase for some of Baltimore’s best street artists.

Exterior of stable at Fremont & Laurens with portraits of A-rabbers by Gaia.

LNY at work.

Gaia working on his wall.

Mata Ruda painting.


LNY painting Baltimore Oriole.

Arabber on Baltimore Street in SoWeBo.

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