Love Me Sex Kit - Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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The perfect Valentine’s Day present for any graffiti writer’s supportive girlfriend. Cutis Kulig, aka Love Me, has collaborated with Reformation on this gift set for your special someone come February 14th. We’ve seen Keith Haring condoms before, but a Love Me vibrator? Whoa now!

The Love Me Sex Kit includes: a limited edition silk “Love Me” print thong, a limited edition “Never Sleep” silk blindfold in the artist’s hand tag, “Fuck Me”, “Hurt Me” and branded “Love Me” temporary tattoos in the artist’s hand tag, limited edition “I Hate Myself” matchbook Trojan condoms in the artist’s hand tag and a “Love Me” branded MIA vibrator, distributed by the industry-leading vibrator manufacturer, Lelo.

All of the contents come inside a limited edition “Love Me” for Reformation bag made out of the highest quality reclaimed materials.

The Love Me Sex Kit is available for purchase here.

And in case you missed it, check out the 12ozProphet Interview with Curtis Kulig aka Love Me.

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novernyc - Friday February 03, 2012 at 11:22 AM...

novernyc on 12ozProphet

mad whack

sleazeside heights on 12ozProphet

as gay as it gets. perfect for the softest niggaz out there.

sleazeside heights on 12ozProphet

whoops, I didn’t see the the disclaimer til after, I was still in forum mode. Sorry.. I withdraw my post as there is no delete option.

Paint Can on 12ozProphet

they want 195 bucks for that.

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