Recap: Seen “[UN]SEEN” at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles

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  • This weekend Studio City’s Fabien Castanier Gallery hosted “[UN]SEEN,” Seen’s first US solo show in 8 years- proving once again why the gallery is worth the trek over the hill.

    The show marks the return of the Godfather of Graff to American soil since his move to Europe in 2007. Taking a stylistic break from the graffiti work that made him famous, “[UN]SEEN” consists of never before shown abstract paintings. The pieces were all composed during his time in Paris between 2007-2012. Through each individual painting the viewer can see Seen’s evolution in his art. Sticking strictly to spray paint, Seen showed the endless possibilities with the medium. Accompanying the work were progress photos of Seen in the studio, which added depth and connected gallery attendants to the art hanging on the walls.

    “[UN]SEEN” may come as a shock to fans of Seen’s previous work, as it is vastly different from anything he has shown in the past. The work serves as a friendly reminder of his capabilities as more than a graffiti artist. The exhibition will remain on display at the Fabien Castanier Gallery until March 24.

    Text: Keisha Raines
    Photo: Birdman

    Art Show,
    Fabien Castanier Gallery,
    Studio City,
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