SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe

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The David Copperfield of street art? Winner of the Vimeo Captured Award for 2012, this video shows the duo behind SWEATSHOPPE seemingly pasting up video projections throughout Europe. Yeah, we don’t totally get it either but it’s definitely new, innovative, and interesting. It brings to mind people like the Graffiti Research Lab who are constantly thinking of ways to incorporate graffiti with new technologies to change the game.

Here’s the description from the video:

New media art duo SWEATSHOPPE aka Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy are back from Europe with a new video that showcases their live interactive video wheatpaste in Berlin, Bristol, Belgrade, London and Paris. Over a two week period the duo pasted their videos in over 10 spots including the Berlin Wall, Les Invalides, Cordy House and even constructed a 5 meter telescopic electronic paint roller to create a two-story tall video painting in Bristol.

Video painting is a technology the duo developed that allows them to create the illusion that they are painting videos onto walls with electronic paint rollers they built. It works through custom software that they wrote that tracks the position of the paint rollers and projects video wherever they choose to paint, allowing them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture and create live video collages in real time.

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