Welling Court: Community Interaction in Queens

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  • For several days last weekend, world renowned artists joined together to paint the neighborhood of Welling Court, Queens. With the street blocked off by a white van, the entire neighborhood cooked out while the murals went up.

    While their parents enjoyed some food and drinks, the local kids began creating work inspired by the Welling Court artists. One young artist spent one night crafting and came back out after the first day of painting to ask the artists if they could hang up their work next to their spot.

    Royce Bannon and Russell King

    Shin Shin

    Fumero and Alice Mizrachi

    The local kids weren’t the only ones who were inspired by the vibe of the neighborhood to make pieces. Uncommissioned art began covering the neighborhood, from the crocheted Olek seen in yesterday’s post to stickers and even bolt-ups.

    By these muralists dedicating their time to the community, Welling Court became a vibrant scene of creative energy. In addition to the walls seen by the likes of Alice Mizrachi, Chris Stain and Billy Mode in Martha Cooper’s photographs, here is a brief survey of more artists who were painting, and drinking, in the sun over the weekend.

    Feral Child and ND'A

    Two Years of Dan Witz


    Ellis Gallagher

    ChrisRWK and Veng



    Rene Gagnon

    Sheryo, Never, and Yok

    Text and Photo: Rhiannon Platt

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