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Fresh juice for the Gods
Images on shirts are recorded on Hellshire beach, Kingston, Jamaica.
Featuring surfer, actor, model Sharea Samuels and the Jamaican Hibiscus.

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Available at   The Citrus Report


Prints & Posters
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I met this star of a girl at a club on Collins ave. At 7 am we were on the beach shooting the sunrise. This shot is from later in the day in downtown Miami.

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Amped to share this new product piece created from my artwork.
Rims, spokes, dubs allover 3D photo Print BackPack
See it free it get it in my new   shop.
Posters and prints available as well.

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2 times.
This thursday in Copenhagen the Young Stringers will introduce their creative experiment to an audience of 160.000 commuters, everyday for 10 days.
With no formal prior knowledge and equipped w nothing more than their dedicated willingness to learn and explore, these young bucks have taken to the streets of North West Copenhagen with a few Canon dslr cameras and trotted their way forward into the unknown of the creative abyss.
In a very short time and with just a little guidance these dudes have made great progress and I am proud of them.
Besides exhibiting in the subway/metro, they are showing at the Red Square, in Norrebro, Copenhagen, should anyone happen to be in this neck of our planet. This all goes down during Copenhagen Photo Festival
“Nate dogg(rip) said smoke weed everyday, I say create everyday. Suit your self.
One love.

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A classic no slapstick. Jigga photographed in downtown Brooklyn 1995, for the release of Dead Presidents 2 and Reasonable doubt.
Jigga knew exactly what he wanted, a visionairy dude from the get.
This Foto graff moment is now savored on a T. It is available in any size you like ova at the SHOP

You know this nga, GS the f_ck up, dress the f_ck up

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With my   new website launch I am sharing old and new gems and as an added bonus certain joints will be made available for a short time only on shirts and other practical products in my gallery store at   the Citrus Report.
In this first prime example I am sharing a valuable asset to our musical and cultural heritage. What are our lives without a soundtrack.
When this shit hit the needle in the clubs, you knew what time it was.
this is real NY 90’ and forever.


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Jamil GS Radio
300 trax plus

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I’d like to introduce an educational project that I have developed for inner city youths in collaboration with the city of Copenhagen. I am dedicating allot of time to it right now and it is evolving positively.
I still have a little time for my other creative endeavours and I will share plenty of that to follow.
Take a look and follow the process, I hope you will like what you see.   YoungStringers
Peace to you and One Love.

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In the midst of this ice cold hard as fck winter that we are being hit with in the entire western hemisphere, I’m extremely grateful that I am prepared to hit the hard weather with help from my friends at   FEIT
As things speed up, I gravitate more towards quality experiences that I know will last. The same goes for the products and goods I buy for myself and others. I dont have time for shit that breaks or wears out too fast. I dont want to support things that have no consciousness of our environment or the future.
FEIT shares the same mentality.
In this pre-fabricated world, they have taken it back to the handmade process where all their products are hand made by real craftsmen, and they think sustainable using biological materials.
Check em out. Besides the heavy wear and tear boots, they have a fresh take on the sneaker meets italian quality shoes. Thanks dudes.

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A picture speaks a thousand words..that’s been a saying for a while now, and I agree.
Just as I am going down memory lane, I am reminded of the importance and the value of good Foto grafs. For me they are like music, they have the same effect and ability to both stir up energy, emotion and memories. They are like timecapsules that allow you to touch frozen moments of the past.
It is now proven that these flashes leaves you in a happier mood than people who arent exposed to them. Not just any image, but good iconic images.

I received this dope timecapsule by mail. It has triple value for me because the image represents iconic historical significance for the people, music and a culture that I love, and then it’s wearable.
I have been collecting T’s with art that speaks to me since the early 90’s, so I am happy to add this to my collection.
Check out the site   A THOUSAND WORDS, It has plenty of unmistakeable dopeness worth pursuing, including iconic classics from 12OZ contributer and legend Martha Cooper and Photography legends Jamel Shabazz, Joe Gonzo and Ernie Pannicioli.
Big Up to Koe Rodriguez, the mastermind behind A Thousand Words.


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I remember walking through the ball park on the way to the LIRR, smelling the good herb in the sky and hearing this blast from the radios and cars.
Freeport, Long Island, 1987 - Home of P.E.

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