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I’ve had the pleasure of working with allot of great talent in New York and globally since the mid 90’s, but I never crossed paths on set with Mob Deep before.
Last week we had the pleasure of getting together on a shoot for   KITH NY and PONY aka Product of New York.
The products are inspired by 1996 New York City, which is the prime kick off time for of hip hop and street culture, and coinciding with the time I really got busy snappin’ flicks.
Here a few shots from the day, you can view more and read the full story over at   KITH NY. The limited edition drops tomorrow.

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Big up Jay Z and his  Life + times curated channel for sharing my stories behind photo sessions with legends.

This is one of my favorites of RZA from   WU TANG CLAN
Check out their latest album ‘A better tomorrow’ just released this month.

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This is my first music video in a minute. I really like this tune. It makes the creative process way more enjoyable.
Alo Wala is just a dope hot new act to follow and the whole crew involved in the process all have mad talent.
If they ever pop in your area do yourself a favor and catch them live.

A Nectar production
For Alo Wala

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Film still from the Cityboy video for Alo Wala here featuring street dancer turned pro Wendell Bullen.
Shot in North west Brooklyn.
Video soon come.

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Heyheyheyeyay, drink juice everyday.

Thanks to the Juice Oracle Melvin and Miss Lily’s for hooking up the crew and I on the Alo Wala “Cityboy” Videoshoot.
If you want to feel inspired energy and have the opportunity to pass by downtown Manhattan, do your self the favor and check   Melvins juicebox.

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Cityboy is the title of a music video I recently fun directing.
I havent been inspired to work with music for while but I am really digging the vibe and the flavor of the group Alo Wala. It feels good to me.
Given the opportunity to freely interpret the track and lyrics, I kept thinking of my own experiences in the city and early inspirations thru graffiti.
Mix this with a bottom heavy bass line, a Dancehall inspired beat, a low walking dance reminiscent of the 80’s Reggae Dancehall ‘Duck dance’, a new approach to consciousness and crazy galactic graphics elements of Alo Wala, some beauties of New York, swag style and some healthy juice from Miss Lily’s, and you pretty much got it.

Still from the video, featuring one of the main Cityboys Jay as an aspiring writer.

The video drops next week coinciding with an EP on the recordlabel Enchufada laced w freshness.
Meanwhile you can check the Tune here   CITYBOY

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Fresh juice for the Gods
Images on shirts are recorded on Hellshire beach, Kingston, Jamaica.
Featuring surfer, actor, model Sharea Samuels and the Jamaican Hibiscus.

  Available at The Citrus Report

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Available at   The Citrus Report


Prints & Posters
For inquires link me   here

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I met this star of a girl at a club on Collins ave. At 7 am we were on the beach shooting the sunrise. This shot is from later in the day in downtown Miami.

New from threads available in the   citrus store
Prints and posters available in the   web shop

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Amped to share this new product piece created from my artwork.
Rims, spokes, dubs allover 3D photo Print BackPack
See it free it get it in my new   shop.
Posters and prints available as well.

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2 times.
This thursday in Copenhagen the Young Stringers will introduce their creative experiment to an audience of 160.000 commuters, everyday for 10 days.
With no formal prior knowledge and equipped w nothing more than their dedicated willingness to learn and explore, these young bucks have taken to the streets of North West Copenhagen with a few Canon dslr cameras and trotted their way forward into the unknown of the creative abyss.
In a very short time and with just a little guidance these dudes have made great progress and I am proud of them.
Besides exhibiting in the subway/metro, they are showing at the Red Square, in Norrebro, Copenhagen, should anyone happen to be in this neck of our planet. This all goes down during Copenhagen Photo Festival
“Nate dogg(rip) said smoke weed everyday, I say create everyday. Suit your self.
One love.

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