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MASTER PRODUCER RZA aka BOBBY DIGITAL photographed in the basement of club NV



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NYC 1995 Nectar
Styled by Bernadette.

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Yali & Stephanie on Williamsburg Bridge.
1994 © JAMIL GS

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I have so many images and will be posting more.
For the time being, if interested, check the collage and updates on my instagram @jamilstagram

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I’d like to share a very positive, humbling and invigorating experience.
After receiving a generous grant from the Danish journalism association, I managed to take time out and travel to the UK so I could finally experience and document my work in two historical museums exhibitions.

The first show is titled ‘Selling Dreams -100 years of fashion photography’ and it is curated and organized by the V&A museum in London, last shown at Aberdeen Art Gallery. The second show i will explore in a later post.The V&A is similar to the Met in NY, in scope, size and art historical relevance. The photographs exhibited are comprised of 53 photographs carefully selected from the museums permanent collection, that they find best represent the last 100 years of fashion photography. Besides being in company with fellow photographers that I have been inspired by and consider masters of photography, I am impressed by the way the art work is treated an presented. It is held in very high regard and allot of thought and care is put into the process. The museum halls are grand and beautiful and the ambience is filled with creativity and positive vibes.

The exhibition has by popular demand been touring museums in the UK for two years and is now crossing continents to Australia and New Zealand, before returning to London next year. I am happy to be in mix and able to inject a little ‘flava’ into this context and hopefully spark some curiosity to experience and seek out more ‘flava’ for those who arent surrounded by it on a daily.
Amongst other photographers in the show are Irving Penn, Baron Adolf De Meyer, Cecil Beaton, Edward Steichen, Baron Hoyningen Heune, Horst P Horst, Ilse Bing, Herbert List, Erwin Blumenfeld, Norman Parkingson, William Klein, Jean Loup Sieff, Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Helmut Newton, Arthor Elgort, Bruce Weber, Corinne Day, Jurgen Teller, Steven Meisel, Steven Klein and Glen Luchford.
My image featured is from my style and fashion documentary shoot in 1994 on Canal Street. The model is real life beauty supermodel Yalitza, from the Bronx. SHe is wearing a mix of Canal Street bargain deals, Nike and Comme des Garcons, accessories with nameplate jewelry from Canal Street.
The shoot is styled by Bernadette Van Huy of Bernadette Corp, Make up by SHade and Hair by Chuck Amos. The shoot was published in i-D magazine.

Big uPs go out to the V&A curatorial team and Susanna Brown as well as Jason Williams at The Aberdeen Art Gallery.

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It’s official - it’s uP!

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News Blip.
One of a kind prints are in progress and are available at Miss Lily’s variety shop on 130 Houston St. by Sullivan st. in downtown NYC.
The series of smaller prints are titled ‘YARDWORK’ and consist of work from my early journeys to Jamaica way back in 93’
Swing by if you enjoy good sounds and good visuals. Prints this onetime only are available at ‘Yardsale’ prices.
If you are interested in larger works pls. visit

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FREE TO BE - No guts No Galaxy -

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  Todd James exhibit at   V1 Gallery in Copenhagen

The girls REALLY liked this blue one.

Read more to see more

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Sometimes you never know whats lurking right beneath the concrete. Keep the faith. It could be sumn sweet.
This tune deff is.
I heard this tune in its early demo stages and I am mad impressed by the evolution it has taken. Shit is TIGHT.
Pure RaggaMuffin Lovers Rock 2012 style. Hit tune!

Martei is a positive force to follow.
Feel it for your self, anyone who’s ever been in love with a woman or the City will know.

Search itunes for Martei Korley.

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There are some great artist in New York, and if you happen to be around the way, you gotta check this mans work. He is one of my all time favorite visual artist; Marcus Burrowes.
Been collecting his Art to T’s work since foundation. Pure vibes Pure Rockers.
Inspire yourself and check his exhibition at   Fuse Gallery until Oct. 17th, 2012.

Had the pleasure of Photographing Marcus in NY a few years back.

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New unseen prints of iconic women in the shop. Some archival throwbacks as well.
Visit the Gallery HERE 

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