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I am proud to announce my partaking in a current exhibition curated by The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, aka   The V&A. The exhibition is titled “Selling dreams” 100 years of fashion photography. The exhibition also features some of my own initial sources of creative inspiration, photography masters who have shaped epochs of style throughout the past century, including:
Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Horst P. Horst, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel and Jurgen Teller.
My contribution to this exhibition stems from a series of my early work and is part of the exhibition chapter titled “capturing real life”. The image was made in the mid 90’s and was really about capturing “Ghetto Fabulous” before the term was even coined. The series feature “real” people from the streets, and models from agencies that were generally too street for mainstream, and fashion documenting the times by mixing straight up street classics like Nike kicks, Canal Street gear and windbrakers with Comme de Garcon and YSL. All shot on location in Chinatown as well as my old hood in the L.E.S.

Styling: Bernadette Van Huy
Model Yalitza

The V&A is home to the UK’s National Collection of the
Art of Photography. The Collection comprises over half a million works including many hundreds of fashion photographs. This is the
first touring exhibition from the V&A’s Collection to explore the work of 40 select international fashion photographers and to draw together
such a broad range of important historic and contemporary fashion images. This exhibition will be unveiled for the very first time at
  Light House, as part of a UK tour. The show is on view until Friday 13 January 2012.
Special thanks to Kathryn Kliszat Curator at the Lighthouse.

Work © of Jamil GS

Works © of William Klein, Richard Avedon, Jeanloup Sieff and Frank Horvat.

Works © of David Bailey, Jim Lee and Ronald Traeger.

© Jamil GS & 12ozProphet - Wednesday November 09, 2011

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