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Spiced out

By - Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The Kool Bob Love Cinnamon Toast Crunch Mrs.Butterworths El Barrio NYC 1979 These shits are straight Richie Spice Report just in! I rocked my Kool Bob “Spanish Tile” buttersworths yesterday for the first time. They are very comfortable and easy like sunday morning. As I made my way up Church ave. to the B train, girls seemed to show me just a little extra love. The carribean spice colorway resonated well with the largely west-indian populace. As I boarded the B express manhattan bound, dudes were herniating discs in their spines to get a look at my joints. One old timer just gave me the nod and smile that said “I remember those…” Next stop; Chinatown, where I had to be extra nimble not to get my joints run over by a handtruck loaded with snowpeas on Grand St. I dipped, I dived, I bobbed and weaved, I danced on them Chinos like Sugar-Ray. Nice ankle support (even though you KNOW I don’t lace ‘em tight like that), made my way west to Greene st. where the Hipsters, Models, European Vandals with Sandals, and other assorted cornballs were attempting to drool on my suede. After my scheduled appt. was over I stepped back out to find, HORROR OF HORRORS, sudden thunderstorm!!! I made the mad dash for Bway Lafayette station in a torential downpour. Once safely on the Bklyn bound Q platform, I took stock of the damage while wiping my joints off with a neckerchief I pack for just such emergencies. Surprise! Without having sprayed them with any 3M products,these joints shed water like a duck-ass. No worse for the wear, I relaxed on the ride back to the ‘Bush. As we passed over the Manhattan Bridge the last ray of sunlight hit the little gold “1979″ embossed on the tounge like “SHHHH-SHING!” Bobby, I think I might need to get the Dusty O.D. Khaki joints too… It is feeling like army jacket lining weather on the island.

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