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SUPREME gets loose

By - Monday, March 9th, 2009

I ran into my dude in Chinatown yesterday and he happened to have on this shirt This was a design I did for Supreme in 05 and had lost the original artwork and files. In fact, I lost everything from this era, my computer, my external hardrive, my whole life. (Lesson learned: don’t keep your data back-up device and your computer in the same place, schtoopid!) I had done a bunch of illustrations for Supreme at that time, most of which were more complex and full color. They were originally for an athletic logo, NCAA mascot, throw-back, STARTER gear type of vibe and I came up with a bunch of Team logos for non existent squads like the “Brooklyn Bandits”, the “Flying Rats”, etc. This was supposed to be a rough idea for the “Lower East Side Loosies” but I hadn’t quite figured out how to flesh it out yet. Well, my mans WESTO and them had the vision to see that this image (which I thought was incomplete) was iller than all the fully realized characters I had been bringing him. It wound up being a series of these cartoon hands in different activities and situations (in jail, praying, etc.) and a WHOLE bunch of “street-wear” lines started biting. I have since seen line drawings of cartoon dismembered hands, feet, legs, eyeballs, shlongs, you name it, all done in a similar style. The irony here is I thought this was the weakest of my submissions, that it needed to be colored in and jazzed up. I can overwork anything given enough time. (Lesson learned: Keep it schimple, Schtoopid!) Fortunately, I was working with a strong team. Give it up for West and Virus and all my TC-5 crimees keeping SUPREME supreme.

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