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I just got back to BK from London, a very cool town, lots to see and I hope to go back very soon.
I linked up with James from Hostem and the good Dr. Romanelli, for the opening of DR’s “The Prescription Shoppe”.
James was working on a new space that hadn’t been renovated or touched in what appeared to be decades. The idea was to have an old school house party, the kind where you wreck the place and everyone has a great time. They gutted the space, brought me in along with London legend Drax and we proceeded to handle biz, Trans-Atlantic style.
The XX came through and represented with an awesome DJ set, Absolut showed up with bartenders and mad Vodka and we all had an amazing night; shout to Shoreditch. It was really fun and such a different vibe than the all too common fashion or art parties that are just too clean and pretentious.
Thanks to everyone who came thru, to London, and to James and Pandora, Mark, DRx, Al OHWOW, The Brown’s, Drax, Stephen Exit, The XX, Hostem, Darren, Angus, Alex, Alexandra, Combat Simon, and Will Nash.   More at

Jamie XX, mad creative and progressive. Peep this…

Romy XX killed it!

Good times…

Shoreditch in the house…

Things just started getting blurry..

and blurrier….

Thanks London. Cheers!!

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DraxWD - Saturday March 23, 2013 at 02:04 PM...


Thios was fun!!!

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DraxWD - Saturday March 23, 2013 at 02:04 PM...



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