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MTN WATER BASED Studio Works X KENOR from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

Kenor is the next protagonist in this edition of MTN Water Based Studio Works.

The exhibition, ‘Les Enfants de Kupka‘, which took place during the month of April in the French city, Puteaux, united a series of artists who’s work is influenced by the painter Frantisek Kupka. It was in this event where this audiovisual document was presented that takes us one step beyond working in the studio: the exhibition.

The visual spectacle of the act of painting is an important aspect in the work of Kenor although we may not be accustomed to noticing. This video gives us the opportunity to be witnesses to Kenor‘s live painting, backed by the quality and comfort that MTN Water Based 300 permits.

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FISEK: CHILEAN WILD STYLE from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

Fisek is with no doubt one of the ambassadors of Chilean graffiti. He has been active since the mid 90′s, and his methods are well established in the elegance and energy of his classic wild style. This time we take a look at a great piece made by Santiago Under Crew collective, and the mural reflects the diversity of styles which can be seen in chilean graffiti very well.

To get knowledge about his vision of graffiti we present this exclusive video which turns into being a kind of a interview. A good way of getting presented to the roots of his motivation within the culture of writing ones own name.

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Exit, who recently could be seen in a video where he made a piece with the MTN Mega Plata, is now about to confront our ‘Poison Green’ (Verde Veneno) of the Hardcore 2 range. A beautiful color brought along for some action inside one of the garages of the Eusko Train. Tension and tranquility are mixed together in this latest episode of Versus which ends with Exit fantastic creation rolling around in traffic.

More info:

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To round up the month of celebrations for the 3rd anniversary of Montana Shop Seville the andalusians joined forces with Estilo y Cojones, and they are also celebrating their birthday. A big mural with a exclusive line of invited writers which process can be seen in this following video, all in the name of the 3rd year of existence of both the shop and the magazine. Three years of putting Seville on the map.

If you want to see the pieces click here.

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C215 has become a celebrity within European urban art thanks to his original stencil technique of overlapping layers of bright colors to create his amazing effects. His works, both in the street and the studio, show that aerosol is his main tool. This is why a product like MTN Water Based fits perfectly for his indoor creations.

C215 has always been very discrete about the process of his technique, but this time, thanks to this video made for the MTN Water Based Studio Works series, the french artist hands us the opportunity to come inside in his studio in Paris during one of his sessions.

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The girls of ‘ I’m Sorry Mama‘ attacks again in this brief but intense video. More trains and metros complete the variety of surfaces that these girls are in total control of. Once again, the production of Yass stands out due to its fun character.

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This last episode of our Versus project is like taken from a dream. Our favorite Roman writer, Brus, gets involved with Pangea Brown (Marrón Pangea) from our Hardcore 2‘s with his unmatchable wildstyle. Bricks and metal is the SDT and MOAS member’s choice of canvases. This guy really puts his foot down…

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The characteristics of the MTN Mega Plata (with up to 25 cm width, perfect cover and super fast drying) make it the best choice for making larger scale pieces which requires a faster type of performance. Basque writer Exit has taken these facts into consideration and made this production which can be seen in this following video: A top to bottom on a Italian train. Enjoy!

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There are quite many graffiti writers who have a more artistic angle and fame due to their restless type of creativity.

This is why our MTN Water Based is the perfect tool when you want to combine different aspects of painting with aerosol, basically the advantages of using water based paint.

We accompanied Rime MSK during his exhibition “Reaction Lines” over at Galerie Wallworks in Paris, and we open a new line of videos, which together with MTN Water Based, allows us to get closer to the work of some of graffiti-art’s most important names.

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With having Etam Cru passing through Barcelona we could not miss the opportunity to get a bit more up close and personal with them, their artwork and their way of creating. Edgar Lledó, a true specialist when it comes to these things, is back with this clip about the polish duo.

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Due to the opening of the exhibition by Phen from Sardinia at “El Anden shop” in Barcelona his friends of L’Altromè Crew (Moska, Skan y Ores) decided to come over for a visit.
Accompanied by good weather and Mag1, the five artists went to work and made a brilliant mural. The writers from Sardinia together with Barcelona’s Mag1 left behind this amazing mural at one the city’s most classic walls: El Parc de les Tres Xemeneies next to the venue Apolo.

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Don’t miss the last Three Aces update at MTN-World. East from New York show us his THREE BEST PIECES and explains us why.

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