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Next stop in our series Versus is Croatia, and Obelics is one of the most experienced train writers from this small central European country. Who better to show us what can be done with Glacier Blue, Black and White Hardcore 2? Lights, camera and… ACTION!

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Our man Mr. Aper is an insatiable writer, and he proves that to us through his tenacity. ‘Daydrunks Montreal’ is the name of the video: come along on one day in the life of this writer to see the way he lives, a day full of bombing with no shame in the Canadian city. Only chrome and black… what more do you need?

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MONTANA COLORS WATER BASED SPRAYPAINT 300ml from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

MTN WATER BASED 300 is a brand new spray paint formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality.

It is perfect for interior or exterior work, waterproof once dry and its uses extends to:


Compatible with all materials used in Fine Arts and its chromatic color ranges.


Regardless of its water base, the paint covers the needs of speed and drying times of even the most demanding urban artist.


Due to its versatility, water based paint is especially suited for all types of decorative arts and crafts.


With this spraycan you will be able to paint on: Polystyrene, wood, metal, crystal, cement, etc.
On porous surfaces, we recommend the use of primers from the ‘ 94 Specialty’ range.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new spray paint formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality. Highly recommended for Fine Arts, graffiti and many other professional jobs. Perfect for interior or exterior work. Waterproof once dry. More info coming soon!


-52 colors.
-Anti-clog valve.
-Ergonomic format 300 ml.
-Feeling less fatigue when painting indoors or places with poor ventilation.
-Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene.
-Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 – 25 minutes.

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Due to the exhibition ‘  Rock, paper, scissors! Edgar Lledó went along with Ernest Zacharevic to be able to come a bit closer to his artwork. As much in the studio as in the streets… this following video brings us along with the lithuanian artist on a more intimate level.


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Montana Colors USA brings us a new video filmed on the same location where Musa painted during her visit to San Francisco (6th and Howard). Chicago graffiti writer Asend ATT DC5 is the next to show his amazing skills on the wall. For sure he has set very high standards.

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Three for the price of one is the deal we got in our latest edition of Versus! No one less than Niro WUFC and his mates Slap and Ligisd gets down on the tracks to confront our green color Verde Ufo. The mission: a freight train.

This original video in the style of a mid 20th century documentary has its focus on the vintage feeling and romantic atmosphere of being around freight trains. This together with three different swedish styles of the most authentic character makes the result of this episode completely outstanding.

Ladies and gentlemen…. Enjoy the show!


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The documentary Style Wars (Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver, 1983) is, and has always been, the single most important channel through which the message of the graffiti movement and Hip Hop culture has been communicated. This is a audiovisual document which has been passed along between people, from generation to generation, from the streets, platforms and tunnels of NYC to the rest of the world for three decades. To make this even more eternal, this MTN Limited Edition can is now released thanks to these two photos by Henry Chalfant.

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The Versus project has crossed the ocean and came ashore over in the United States. Californian writer Amend chose to confront our ‘Merlot Red‘, one of the colors on our Hardcore 2 scale which in no time has become a classic due to its nice garnet tone and high potential in covering. The following Versus offers elegance and class in all ways possible, don’t miss it!

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As some of you already know, we rounded up 2013 through our participation as a gallery within the   Casa Arte fair which was held in the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid.
To the occasion, we will show graphic and sculpture art of three artist we consider of great talent, all three with with a past or present angle related to graffiti, and through which we have had relations with at Montana Colors: Spok, Gr170 and Inocuo.
Here you can see a video made by 128 Films which gathers some images from what could be seen there, and maintaining as main event the collaboration in the form of a expo made by Rosh333 at our stand.


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At last we got the opportunity and time to start over our VERSUS project. We continue to challenge writers from all over the world with the colors of the Hardcore 2 range. To open this years edition, ‘Budha Red’ goes all the way down to South Africa.

The QK crew goes to action as we can see in this first video which opens our new round with more force than ever.

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The artist Paola Delfín came by Barcelona to share her art with us. The Mexican artist explains the origins of her artistic vocation, same as how she came to discover the techniques of aerosol. A tool which, even if fairly new to her, adapts perfectly to her needs in creating her works. Edgar Lledó has once again directed another brilliant audiovisual which brings up close and personal with the artist, and this time to the sounds of Johnny Ripper.

My memory of school days were notebooks full of drawings.

When I was in school it was all about drawing, drawing and drawing, art classes, and later i took some courses… It has been more a question of self-learning outside of the classes and courses i have taken during my life up until this moment.

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