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Spray Masters at MOMA

By - Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Last night Futura and I rolled to the screening of SprayMasters a MANFRED KIRCHHEIMER film, he shot Stations of the Elevated in 1977. It was a packed house by sadly there were only a handful of writers representing, among them LEE, Pink, and Smith.
The film is brilliant, I loved the old footage which is a rare archive of some of the best and formative whole cars ever painted. I was blown away by how many I remembered from that era, which to me was one of the best, I think 77-78-79 were the best Style eras, one can see the transformation of style and color usage from the old to the new school. It was great to see OG writers like MONO, IN, Slave, Best, Kool, CY TMB, NOC 167, and many many more up on the trains. This is a unique look at graff pre Style Wars which is also an important archive of the culture. Ive never seen footage like this and think that anyone interested or participating in graff wether on the streets or in museums, you should see this film.
The new interviews are genius, full of humor, honesty, wit and melancholy. I had a chance to see old friends in an intimate way discuss the by gone and the personal relationships they endured, the creative spirit, sacrifice, and community they lived in. Also it was good to hear their take on the beginning of the end when the culture was co-opted by galleries and institutions and what has transpired since. It was powerful and insightful even if these things I may already know it was a reminder of how far we have come and still wish to go.

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