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Miami 80's Graffiti History Mural Painted on Bakehouse Walls

By - Thursday, December 15th, 2011

This year during Art Basel Aurelio Roman Jr. and the Miami Graffiti 80’s Group decided to celebrate Miami’s unique graffiti history by bringing together crews from the 80’s to paint a mural on the Bakehouse Art Complex. The Bakehouse, a former bakery, was the first place to allow writers to paint legally. Back in the day, Miami crews were sometimes at war with each other but in 2011 they put their differences aside and worked together to create a spectacular tribute to early graffiti MIami graf. Former Miami writers came from as far away as California, Texas and New York to paint in traditional 80’s Miami styles and colors. Classic old school characters representing elements of Hip Hop were reproduced from sketches made by the late Sevey Sev of Block Boys & Can Masters crews. The wall was also a memorial to writers who had died, with realistically painted R.I.P. portraits by G Whiz. {image-1} {image-2} {image-3} {image-4} {image-5} {image-6} {image-7} {image-8} {image-9} {image-10} {image-11} {image-12} {image-13} {image-14} {image-15} {image-16} {image-17} {image-18} {image-19} {image-20} {image-21} {image-22} {image-23} {image-24} {image-25} {image-26} {image-27} {image-28} {image-29} {image-30} {image-31} {image-32} {image-33} {image-34}

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