Disappearing Act by Liu Bolin in Scharf Camo

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This morning the Chinese artist Liu Bolin was painted into Kenny Scharf’s mural on Houston Street. Liu’s assistants precisely matched the colors and patterns of Kenny’s mural and painted them onto the artist’s khaki fatigues. This piece is part of a “Hiding in New York” series which in turn is part of a worldwide “Hiding in the City” series. Stay tuned for more New York pieces.

The Scharf camouflage project was dreamed up by Wooster Collective’s Marc and Sara Schiller and brought to fruition by gallerist Eli Klein who shows Liu’s work in New York and Goldman Properties, the owner of the Houston Street wall. Kenny Scharf showed up to watch the disappearing act and even painted a stroke or two with a brush although he would have preferred a spray can.

Invisible Man Liu is renown for his ingenious camouflage pieces. You can see photos of many   here.
Be sure to catch his show at Eli Klein, 462 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012 opening June 29th.

Liu first decides where to place himself.

Liu photographs the background for reference and anchors the camera on tripod at the precise position.

Assistants mix custom colors.

The colors must match those in the background.

Liu dons a suit of army fatigues and exchanges his Chinese wingtips for canvas shoes.

Super cool!!

Liu precisely situated in selected spot and ready to be painted.

Great smile and cute dimples!

Even with three brushes, the painting goes slowly with frequent checks of the original digital background photo.

Everything has to match.

Kenny Scharf drops by and paints a few strokes.

Typical New Yorkers hardly break their stride as they pass by.

Where's Waldo???

Suiting up for second piece.

More face paint in 90 degree weather.

Mission successfully accomplished!


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