MoMA Profits from Faux Subway Graffiti

This article was posted by Martha Cooper 2 years, 1 Month, 2 days, 10 hours, 51 minutes ago.

The most surprising card I received this year was from   Jetsonorama, a doctor/photographer/artist who lives and works on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. He sent me a beautifully produced foil stamped, die cut card, published by MoMA. It’s a clever 3D pop up showing reindeer taking the subway presumably because New York’s airspace is too crowded for them to fly. The subway car is decorated with a red and green pseudo graff Santa piece.
The designer of the card, Mary Beth Cryan, is an illustrator and “paper engineer” who lives in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Her card was available in many shops throughout the US and is listed as sold out in some of them. It’s now on sale at the MoMA Store—$8.98 reduced from $17.95 plus shipping and tax. There’s one four star review of the card on the MoMA site from a customer in—Kansas!

According to the back of the card, proceeds support MoMA’s exhibitions and programs. I hope that one of the supported programs is the upcoming one on January 8th with José Parlá, Alan Ket, and Adam Mansbach called Writers and Writers: Narrative on the Page and in the Street.  Maybe MoMA is ready to contemplate some authentic graffiti.

Cute card but would have been nicer if they'd asked a real writer to design it.

Back of card

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