Stikman’s Ten Year Tribal/Insect/Primordial Cycle

This article was posted by Martha Cooper 2 years, 2 weeks, 1 Day, 2 hours, 59 minutes ago.

While driving to Baltimore for New Year’s with a friend I was lucky to be able to stop off in Philly and catch the end of Stikman’s show at Stupid Easy Gallery. Stikman himself gave me a tour of the neighborhood and showed me his first stick figure launched for 2013. This lil guy is part of a ten year project he started in 2007 called the Ten Year Tribal/Insect/Primordial Cycle.

Every year Stikman makes a couple hundred stick figures of identical design and puts them up throughout the year. The color may vary a bit but the form is the same. So keep your eyes peeled for 2013 ones and previous years as seen in the photo below. Last year’s Stikman had two heads! Lots more Stikman here and on Instagram #stikman

First 2013 stick figure launched

Keep an eye out for this guy

photos ©Stikman

© Martha Cooper & 12ozProphet - Friday January 11, 2013

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