Another Graffiti Sanctuary to be Displaced by Redevelopment in Rochester, NY

Rochester's abandoned subway became what it is today organically. It’s an asset to local artists, to tourism, and in its historic value. The subway exists as a landmark, a testament to the historic art that can be traced back to the 1980's. Maybe cities should consider how they can benefit from place like the subway tunnel as it is, and how their projects can become front-row seats to its uniqueness, without altering or commercializing it directly.

The Kids of Kids: Speaking With Hamilton Harris and Peter Bici About Their New Documentary

They were a family. A community and crew that always brought it, and always had each other’s backs. The subjects of Kids, a group of skateboarders and miscreants from New York City, was comprised of and conceived by very real relationships that exploded on the big screen. It was the real tale of adolescents in a time, place and environment that was nothing if not unforgiving. We know the story of that one summer day, but what we haven't known was what brought them there, until now.

Graffiti and Police Misconduct: Knowing and Understanding Your Rights

Recently, police officers in the United States have been under fire for their violent and brutal arrests of suspects and inhumane treatment of those under their custody and control. Individuals with various ethnic backgrounds have been victims of police misconduct. Amidst these incidents is the tragic death of young graffiti writer, Israel Hernandez, known as “Reefa.” The chase and Hernandez’s life ended when the police caught up to him and he was tasered. This could have been avoided.